The Lady In Winter

Right, time to start 2019. I don’t know where we’ll be at the end of it, but I know where I’ve been. Speaking of which…

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Everybody Wants To Go To Holyhead (Story)

The first short story of the year. This one I intended to lead into something else, but like with a lot of things the story wanted to go elsewhere. I’m very pleased with the result. Considering that I’m having a rough day right now (read: tempted to start a revolution) this actually made me smile whilst editing it. I hope this cheers you up too, if you need it. Thanks- J.C

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The Chase/Epilogue | Aunt Mable & The Sound Of Music (Story)

All good things must come to an end, and so it must be with Aunt Mable. Two and a bit years ago she came shuffling out of the fog and now it is time to say farewell with one final epic chapter and the concluding part of the Sound Of Music arc- At the climax of the penultimate part a German bomb had fallen on the concert and now, amidst the flaming rubble, Sister Seline makes one last bid to kidnap the children.

And oh yeah, Merry Christmas!

(PDF Download if you don’t want to read this now/online: The Chase

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A Winter’s Sale

I’ve written some great travel pieces this year-Starting with Where Tourists Fear To Tread and continuing right through to The Last Stand At Nanhysglain, it’s been a grand year for exploring both the familiar and unfamiliar. For my last piece of the year I have something different. Regular readers will know how I like looking round markets and such places and this is about another market, except this time there’s a twist!

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The Call of Marwolaeth | Aunt Mable & The Sound Of Music (Story)

I tried for days to get the picture for this story but every time I tried to get it something was going on in Powis Hall- A funky disco, people hanging around, graduation ceremonies… This afternoon (Saturday) I finally managed to get it. Yeah, that’s THE hall featured in the story. See if you can spot what Seamus is alluding to in the painting. Anyway… Last time we ended on a bit of a cliffhanger. Arthur had been shot by the evil nuns. There’s another problem though, and it’s the song for the concert.

(Downloadable Version: Call of Marwolaeth)

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Aunt Mable And The Sound Of Music: An Absurd Little Bird | Short Story

Well, it’s now December and round here that means one thing… CHRISTMAS STORY TIME!!!! This year I had a double task- I had to A) Write something that harked back to the beginnings of this thing of mine and B) Send Aunt Mable out on a high. Since the original inspiration behind the children was that scene where the Von Trapps are introduced in The Sound of Music it was a no-brainer. So grab a few of your favourite things, climb every mountain, eidel your weisses and snuggle up to the nearest lonely goatheard because this we’re answering that age old question: How do you solve a problem like Maria?

We begin in the summer of 1943 where there’s a sad sort of clanging from the clock in the hall and the bell in the steeple too. And up in the nursery… Oh Jeez!

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