(*Set in Lancashire at least)

Imagine that you wake up one morning, grouchy after a long night, a bit sore in places, but generally fine. You stagger to your makeshift kitchen, fumble around for an Eccles cake, chew it down, and stumble out into the morning air. Then you happen to pick up a newspaper, one of those free-sheets everyone leaves lying around. Not only are all the reports, as usual, about the mutant pandemic that is sweeping the globe, but right in the middle of it all is a police photo-fit of your own face.

For Will, choosing to fight the graffe wasn’t something he did to get famous, it was something he did because nobody else would. It just so happens that, by doing it, he got famous. He became, accidentally, a ‘legend.’

The story that follows is the story of how Will learned to embrace that legend. It’s how he learned to use it, how he learned that fame doesn’t have to be a bitch and that it can, in the right hands, be used to inspire and to change the world. It’s a tale of friendship and love. It’s a tale of growing up in a world on the edge of destruction, of who we are, of what we are, of man and beast and what makes us different. Sure, there are horrible creatures and villainous schemes, but this is also a story about a little boy who grew up to be what every little boy dreams of being:  A Hero.



Hang about…





That boy is no more than a little a-hole hell bent on causing chaos and mayhem. How do you think he got that police photo-fit? The problem with heroes, you see, is that they never live up to how you imagine them to be. This one is no exception.


Main Story (The Dossier)

Spawn | Swarm | Stop the Cavalry | Sting | No Angel Born In Hell | Extinction

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