Sometimes a person becomes known the world over, forever, for all time- Julius Caesar, Alexander The Great, Winston Churchill. Some are famous. some are infamous. On rare occasions, when the world is spinning the right way, it happens not just to one person but to a whole dynasty. Stories are told, myths are born, and somewhere in there is the truth…

Now,  for the first time, the adventures of the Morfasson family, Britain’s foremost dynasty of gangster-spies, have been brought to life  in a series of exciting novels and stories.

From the twilight of Queen Victoria through to modern times, these exciting, thrilling masterpieces will whisk you off into a world of heroes and villains, of beautiful women and charming men. If you like your books to come with style, flare and a touch of madness then these are for you. Here, in the world of the Morfasson, there is something for everybody; from grizzly murders on the streets of Chester to hard hitting, urban fantasy-horror and comedy, you will certainly not be disappointed. The wonders of the Morfaverse are just waiting to be explored…  The only question now is ‘Where do you want to start?’


*Just to clarify, it’s pronounced ‘Morf-Uh-Son,’ not ‘Morf-Ass-On.’ There’s a reason for this, but you’ll have to read the books to find out what it is.