Maximilian George Horatio Cartwright Morfasson

AKA: Morfas The Thief
Fiancee: Daphenia Brooke (d.1871)
Wife: Anna Von Carrolus (m.1880)
Children: Monty Morfasson (b.1900)

‘The only permissibly derogatory thing that was allowed to be said about Grandpa, and then only by Father, who always said it in an affectionate way, was that he was a jibbering nincompoop.’

A lover of peace and beauty and the simpler things in life, Max can indeed sometimes come across as a jibbering nincompoop, often because everybody else is either running rings around him or throwing his plans into chaos. Under that, however, is a man who definitely knows what he is doing and knows how to deal with a crisis. Quick wit and resourcefulness are Max’s stock in trade and he can turn any situation to his advantage. At the end of the day Max will usually come out on top, getting to wherever he wants to be even if it is by the scenic route.

Appears In: Max & Anna, The Khyber
Coffee House Interview: The Spy Master


Mable Lavinia Morfasson

‘She was the kind of old hag you see in fairy tales and picture books, the kind who turn princes into toads and trap princesses in towers guarded by trolls.’

Ruthless would be an understatement when describing Mable. After storming from Cythry in a rage she went unheard of for over seventy years and only returned at the outbreak of the Second World War. In her absence a lot had changed and her seven, wayward and mischievous great nephews were a constant thorn in her side. Over her absence she had become both a myth and a bogeyman and the children were horrified to learn that she was just as cruel and nasty as the stories made her out to be. Mable is old fashioned, clinging desperately to an antique way of doing things, and she frequently finds herself at odds with the vastly different world to that which she grew up in. She is usually victorious in fighting it, though she is willing to give concessions where she must.

Appears In: Aunt Mable/There May Be Trouble Ahead


Edward Charles Morfasson

Children: Lilly Cobury (b.1961)

Edward was always being sure that Father would agree with him and quite often he was wrong.’

Edward sees himself in his father’s image, though he lacks the same charm and warmth. Edward can be cold and calculating, his schemes sometimes being cruel or vindictive. Rather than for the greater good or for the good of those around him he attempts to use people for his own personal gain or for vindictive reasons. This causes rifts and tensions with his brothers, especially in regards to Ti with whom he develops a long standing feud. Edward will attempt to take charge of any situation. In the case of Mable he is the one who unites his brothers against her, though the plans he creates to be rid of her all come to nothing. Rules and law are anathema to Edward. He picks and chooses those he wants to follow and appears to have little regard for the consequences of breaking them.

Appears In: Charlie Fuller, Aunt Mable/There May Be Trouble Ahead


Harold Montgomery Morfasson

AKA: Harold Montgomery Julian
Girlfriend: Jane Holmes
Children: Otto Morfasson (b.1960)

Harry is the much maligned eighth son of Monty. Thinking that he wouldn’t want an eighth son, Harry’s mother Marian secretly left him in the care of Ben Gladstone and his house keeper Hilda, in order to be with her husband. It was only after Marian’s death that Harry arrived at Cythry, a complete stranger and a cuckoo in the nest to some of his brothers. Throughout his life Harry is bombarded by tragedies, heartaches and misery, most prominently of all the loss of Jane Holmes, the love of his life. Left to bring up a difficult child with only Edward and Seamus for help, Harry struggles to maintain a cheery disposition and starts to become cynical and cold. As far as his son Otto is concerned, he becomes overly dictatorial, refusing to let him be the person he wants to be for fear that he might lose him.

Appears In: TITLE TBC


Commander William Shaun Morfasson

AKA: Will Fleming
Jake Williams
Ron Grainger
Thomas Gregory Brown
‘The Legend’
Girlfriends: ‘Charlotte’ Ericson
Alison Senate (Spawn)
Kate Carson (Spawn)
Eliza Carramier (Swarm)
Wife: Hailey Nobel (m. 2008)

Legend? From what I’ve seen you’re just a twat.’

Will has been described as an arrogant, violent twat by his contemporaries. They are completely right. Will thinks nothing of jumping into a fight or giving the brush off to people he doesn’t like. He doesn’t much care what other people think of him and will always do what needs to be done, regardless of the cost or the consequences. Will is, however, deeply devoted to those he is closest to and will protect them and defend them at all costs. When they step out of line he will be the first to drag them back in and when they need picking up he’ll be the first there as well. Despite leading an extraordinary life, doing extraordinary and heroic things, Will remains humble, grounded, modest, and completely committed to his cause. He knows too well that actions have consequences and will almost always face them, no matter what they are.

Appears In: Spawn, Swarm, Stop The Cavalry, Sting
Coffee House Interview: Fame & Monsters


HRH Princess Anna Von Carrolus of Ardeluta

Husband: Max Morfasson (m.1880)
Children: Monty Morfasson (b.1900)

‘A beauty might have been worth the scandal but not you my dear.’

A former Romanian Princess, Anna was forced to flee across Europe when her brother incited a revolution by striking a local farmer. Haughty, snobbish, quick to cast aspersions on anyone and anything she takes against, Anna can be both formidable and frightening. She’ll fight for her own way and often won’t give in until she gets it. In Max she meets her match and a man, the only man besides her father, who has the ability to successfully challenge her. Anna is also prepared to fight, and fight dirty if necessary. Though regal and haughty, she’s not above skulduggery, theft or any other underhand method of achieving victory. And when Anna is on the warpath you had better pray for salvation for she will show you no mercy.

Appears In: Max & Anna, The Khyber, Charlie Fuller
Coffee House Interview: A Lady of Class


Captain Montgomery Maximilian Morfasson

Wife: Alice Fletcher (1928-1938)
Marian Julian (1944-1959)
Children: Edward Morfasson (b.1929)
Seamus Morfasson (b.1930)
Arthur Morfasson (b.1931)
Fletcher Morfasson (b. 1933)
Erasmus Morfasson (b.1935)
Tiberius Morfasson (b.1937)
Earnest Morfasson (b.1938)
Harry Morfasson (b.1944)

Surely there is some other child out there, befriended by this charming man, who is unwittingly walking to his doom.’

On the outside Monty is charming, sophisticated, the perfect picture of a nineteen thirties gentleman. He appears friendly, warm, even likeable. Under the charming smile, however, he can be cold, ruthless and manipulative. He will use people for his own ends, playing them as marionettes against his enemies. He regrets nothing and always acts to resolve a situation before it develops further, no matter the price. Though he always acts for the greater good, sometimes people don’t see it that way, especially in the case of his sister in law Jezebel. Always calm and level headed, Monty very rarely rises to anger and it is rare that he will use violence, preferring words over weapons. Most who know him, however, are well aware that there is a line you do not cross.

Appears In: The Khyber, Charlie Fuller, Aunt Mable/There May Be Trouble Ahead
Coffee House Interview: Charm and Confidence (Coming Soon)


Arthur Hallam Morfasson

‘Arthur. He’s particularly bratty. Thinks himself a cut above everyone else.’

Of all Monty’s eight children Arthur is the most level headed and the one who has it most together. Often, however, he will jump to thinking of the worst case scenario and stay there until the situation is resolved. Despite an early interest in the strangenesses of the world, he develops a philosophy of rationality and realism, believing that clear and sensible thinking should be the way to combat fanaticism. He is easily influenced by his older brothers, especially Edward and Seamus, and will follow along with whatever scheme they come up with.

Appears In: Aunt Mable/There May Be Trouble Ahead


Octavian Harold Morfasson

Wife: Claire Litton (1987-1990)
Children: Will Morfasson (b.1990)
Marco Morfasson (b.1990)

He looked, quite plainly, ridiculous. No demon would be such an idiot as to wear a trilby on top of a shemagh so he must have been a European.’

Otto is groomed from an early age to take over the Morfasson dynasty. Otto, however, doesn’t want anything to do with it, preferring instead to live life his own way and not to have the hassle of dealing with the family or the family business. Raised by an overprotective father and two uncles whose only interest is in making sure he is capable of taking over the family, Otto frequently goes off the rails. He rebels against anything his father suggests and goes out of his way to be a nuisance. He only cools down after meeting Claire Litton at a rave in Bethesda and falling in love. Otto is cheery, cheeky, and quick to push anybody’s buttons. He is also fiercely loyal to those he cares about, especially to his immediate family, whom he will do anything to protect.

Appears In: A Stranger In Senegal


Marcus Julian Morfasson

Partner: Victoria Soleil

There was Marcus… Marco. Best friends since before we could talk. Arrogant ginger bastard but a good mate all the same.’

Like his twin brother Will, Marco can be highly arrogant, though he is far more tempered with it. He’s a joker and a lover of the finer things in life. Not afraid to show off his weaker, vulnerable side, he’s more at home with a warm bath filled with fruity bath-bomb bubbles than he is in the midst of a battle or fight. He will fight when he has to, and at times he can be more brutal with his fists than his brother, but if he can avoid the situation he will do so. He’s something of an adrenaline junkie and revels in riding his motorcycle, helmetless, across the length and breadth of North Wales. He doesn’t much care for how dangerous doing something is so long as he can get back to a glass of something alcoholic and a warm onesie at the end of the day.

Appears In: Letitia (The Inn Of Last Orders), The Midnight Visitor (TBR November 2018)
Coffee House Interview: Smiling Through It


Detective Inspector Simon Gordon Proctor

Wife: Anna Morfasson (1991-1997)
Children: Corwen Proctor (b.1992)

I lay in bed, seven of the AM, wondering what lovely, simple, uncomplicated nuisances the day would have in store for me. A shoplifter perhaps, an old lady accidentally knocking over a cyclist, a man who’d chopped his own toes off after being drunk in charge of a lawnmower.’

Morfasson by marriage, Simon has kept in touch with the family and family business, despite being divorced from wife Anna for well over a decade. After working in the police for nearly forty years he has come to value law, order and the smooth running of society above all else. Though he might seem genial when questioning a suspect, lie to him or give him evidence of wrongdoing and he will come down hard. Simon has discovered the perfect work-life balance, not easy in the police. He is content with his lot and annoyed by anything that threatens that contentment. The dysfunctional copper of TV and Detective Fiction he most certainly is not, at least in his own mind.

Appears In: D.S Proctor, Hear Me Roar