‘You Both Kicked Off Your Shoes’ | No Angel Born In Hell (Extract)

No Angel Born In Hell, the fifth and penultimate Dark Legend book, is still a fair way off being ready, but I thought it about time I shared a little bit with you- It’s a story of revenge, and at the point of the extract Will and his squad have just found out that Randy Barnes is coming after them. The extract is told from Hailey’s point of view, and there is a little bit of a spoiler in there as well.

And as a minor point… ‘Jake,’ if you get confused by his sudden mention and you haven’t read any of this lot before, is what Dast insists on calling Will, because that’s the name he was using when they met.

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Worton 95: Beneath The Surface

‘In Worton a person ought to fear everything…’ And hunting two lost boys, in a place like this is a dangerous game. With local gangster Kasim on her tail, our intrepid report continues her dive into the depths of this seedy, forgotten hole- As usual, keep an eye out for killer clues and bonus content-Today’s bonus is really easy to find. Continue reading “Worton 95: Beneath The Surface”

Worton 95: Lost Boys

This is a story that’s been brewing in the pot for a while now- It was something I started a year ago last December and I’ve been working on it, off and on, ever since. For a moment it was almost the backup for last year’s Christmas serial (if ever Aunt Mable was picked up) but it was a bit bleak for that, I eventually thought. I am actually very proud of this one and it is an absolute honour and a privilege to finally share it with you.

There will be four parts, going up every day until Monday- But just to keep you on your toes, I’ve hidden something, a few clues, to help you find both the identity of the killer and a little bit more of the truth behind the murder. You’ll need to read all four parts and to keep your eyes peeled to have a chance of finding his name though- God speed and good luck.

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‘Humans are not animals, Harris. You can go wild and behave like one, but you will never be one because a human is so much more than just another animal.’

From Swarm, the second of the Dark Legend books- Spawn, Swarm, Stop The Cavalry and Sting (All available on Amazon)

Everybody Wants To Go To Holyhead (Story)

The first short story of the year. This one I intended to lead into something else, but like with a lot of things the story wanted to go elsewhere. I’m very pleased with the result. Considering that I’m having a rough day right now (read: tempted to start a revolution) this actually made me smile whilst editing it. I hope this cheers you up too, if you need it. Thanks- J.C

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Absolute Charm | The Coffee House Interviews

If you don’t know what the Coffee House Interviews are, they’re a series of fictional interviews with my own fictional characters, taking place in a fictional coffee house overlooking the River Mersey. This one concerns one of my oldest characters, the puppet master himself, Mr Monty Morfasson. At the time of our interview, however, isn’t quite the magnificent bastard he is destined to become…

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The Chase/Epilogue | Aunt Mable & The Sound Of Music (Story)

All good things must come to an end, and so it must be with Aunt Mable. Two and a bit years ago she came shuffling out of the fog and now it is time to say farewell with one final epic chapter and the concluding part of the Sound Of Music arc- At the climax of the penultimate part a German bomb had fallen on the concert and now, amidst the flaming rubble, Sister Seline makes one last bid to kidnap the children.

And oh yeah, Merry Christmas!

(PDF Download if you don’t want to read this now/online: The Chase

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