Short Stories

Online short stories and serialisations to read at your leisure

Catriona Moron

Away With The Manger:

I | II | III | IV

From The Notes of Joshua Bandstand


A Stranger In Senegal

Worton 95

Hear Me Roar:

I | II | III | IV | V


(Magazine style interviews with characters from the Morfaverse)

Interview with a Fictional Character (Marco)

Fame And Monsters (Will)

A Lady of Class (Anna)

The Spy Master (Max)


SEPTEMBER, 1939: Seventy years after she was last seen in North Wales, Aunt Mable returns and brings misery in her wake…

The Coming Of Aunt Mable

Aunt Mable Takes Over

Aunt Mable And The School Mistress

Escape from Aunt Mable

Aunt Mable And The Evacuees

Aunt Mable And The Dogs Of War

Aunt Mable & The Chauffeur’s Dilemma


Max & Anna (Extract)

The Shambles Club (Extract from First Draft Of Eboracvm)

The Grey House (Improvised Video Story)

The Khyber (Extract)

The Dining Table (From Charlie Fuller)

An Experiment In Old English (Aunt Mable using the Old English alphabet)

*Previously available short stories are included in The Inn Of Last Orders, available in paperback from Amazon.



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