‘You Both Kicked Off Your Shoes’ | No Angel Born In Hell (Extract)

No Angel Born In Hell, the fifth and penultimate Dark Legend book, is still a fair way off being ready, but I thought it about time I shared a little bit with you- It’s a story of revenge, and at the point of the extract Will and his squad have just found out that Randy Barnes is coming after them. The extract is told from Hailey’s point of view, and there is a little bit of a spoiler in there as well.

And as a minor point… ‘Jake,’ if you get confused by his sudden mention and you haven’t read any of this lot before, is what Dast insists on calling Will, because that’s the name he was using when they met.

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‘Carramier Crepes’ | The Morfasson Family Cookbook

For some reason Wortonians celebrate pancake day at the end of October. I have no idea why either. It probably started as some excuse to just eat a load of pancakes that got out of control. You don’t really need an excuse, but you do definitely have to have that one special day each year reserved especially for making pancakes, be that in October or February.

These little delights, come from my friend (alright, one time shag) Eliza. Say what you like about her, but she did make some damned good pancakes. She was almost as good at pancakes as she was in the sack. She wasn’t best pleased when Dan, one Worton Pancake day, invited half of Beiderbecke round to her place to sample them and then she had to make fifteen batches of them. She roped me in to help, but soon threw me out again when I almost set a bowl of batter on fire… I swear that I was nowhere near the oven at the time. I begged for ages to have the recipe off her, eventually getting it by stealing it from her kitchen drawer in the middle of the night. A toilet break between shags, that most definitely was not, if you get my drift.

– Will

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Worton 95: Lost Boys

This is a story that’s been brewing in the pot for a while now- It was something I started a year ago last December and I’ve been working on it, off and on, ever since. For a moment it was almost the backup for last year’s Christmas serial (if ever Aunt Mable was picked up) but it was a bit bleak for that, I eventually thought. I am actually very proud of this one and it is an absolute honour and a privilege to finally share it with you.

There will be four parts, going up every day until Monday- But just to keep you on your toes, I’ve hidden something, a few clues, to help you find both the identity of the killer and a little bit more of the truth behind the murder. You’ll need to read all four parts and to keep your eyes peeled to have a chance of finding his name though- God speed and good luck.

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