About Me

Hi, I’m JPC… Or James. But you can call me JPC. And before you ask, yes, people do usually get confused when I introduce myself like that. But hey, it’s a good conversation starter which is why I keep doing it. If you’re new here or have been coming by for a while, welcome. I’m a writer, adventurer and video blogger; I travel to distant, far off cities and places where I quite often find myself experiencing the weird and the wonderful and the bizarre; I write books, short stories and essays and here on this ol’ site of mine you’ll find a selection of short stories, essays on topics ranging from politics to music, literature and history as well as a whole load of stuff about those books I write. Then there is the video blogging, something which I’m only a few years into but which I started as part of an amazingly ambitious autobiographical project- You can read about the project itself ‘here‘ and, for phase 2, ‘here.’ You’ll find links to all my stuff in the other tabs at the top of the page- Books and autobiography and short stories under the ‘releases‘ tab and travel writings under (where else) the ‘travelogues‘ tab.

If you want to get in touch you can send me a private message through Twitter (@JPCrocks) or if it’s specifically related to an essay or short story there are comments sections at the bottom of each page. I always welcome the discussion so long as its constructive and not any kind of illegible rant.

I should also mention that I have a high opinion of myself… But you’ll find that out soon enough for yourself! Enjoy.



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