Building Worton | Those Whom We Have Lost

There are a lot of characters in the Dark Legend books. All the books have one main protagonist, Will, and principle antagonist Harris appears in all but the third and fifth books. There are the secondary characters and support characters, who vary from book to book. Secondary includes any character who narrates a section or has a major role whilst I consider support characters as anyone else who features across multiple books or sections or has a big enough impact on the plot but isn’t always involved in the main action. These secondary and support for the first two books are:

-SPAWN: Joe, Dan, Doug, Randy, Eliza- SUPPORT: Harper, DI Fisher, Murdoch, Greg, Amanda, ‘Erac,’ Gertie
-SWARM: Joe, Dan, Doug, Randy, Eliza, Lydia- SUPPORT: Harper, Gabby, Amanda, Greg, DI Fisher, Dr Necropolis, Niamh, ‘Erac,’ Gertie

After this it becomes a bit difficult without a few potential spoilers, due to a lot of secondary character deaths and departures in the second book. So if you want to skip the next section feel free.

-STOP THE CAVALRY: Joe, Doug, Dast, Hailey, Lydia- SUPPORT- Wilson, Visco, Jazz, Niamh
-STING: Joe, Doug, Lex, Dast, Hailey, Lydia- SUPPORT- Visco, Ericson, Jack, Fisher, Dr Necropolis + others

I’m not going to go further than that because that would mean spoilers for books that aren’t even out yet. As you can see there are ten secondary characters, though not more than six in one book. There’s also a sizeable support cast, especially in the fourth book. Just mentioned above are a whopping twenty seven characters. That is before I even get to the one section wonders (guest support I suppose you could call them) and the whole multitude of named and unnamed extras who crop up all over the place.

But there are characters who, in the whole process of creating this thing, got tossed to the wayside.

The character of Wayne (who makes a cameo in book 1 and is a one section wonder in book 2) never existed originally. The whole prologue, where he acts as the audience surrogate, wasn’t there. The thing began in the midst of the action with Randy seeing the graffe chasing Will into Beiderbecke. Where he appears in book 2 was also radically different and instead of Wayne being rescued from a Harris controlled hospice it was a nursing home full of graffe. Wayne was also a weird old lady by the name of Madame Oscilly Rosette. She fulfilled much the same role but the explanation for how she knew everything about Will was much, much sillier- She knew the rest of his family, having cryogenically frozen herself in 1963. The reason she disappeared entirely, beside the whole thing not making a jot of sense, was because I thought it would be better for me to link back into the prologue and to look at the consequences of what happens there.

I guess you could say that the Freddie Mercury impersonators weren’t great pretenders. (Image from

Other characters to fall by the wayside, either because they were too silly to be allowed a place in the new world order or because they weren’t needed, included Dave, a guy who Will promised to avenge after he was attacked in the first section; Mr Ication & Miss Nichols, two Beiderbecke teachers. There were two more teachers, one of whom was a literal child and the other a killer robot- The child went for obvious reasons and the robot when that whole sub-plot was dropped. There were Freddy Mercury impersonators in there, some guy called Tarquin, and a mime artist. All got nixed for not making an ounce of sense. The Freddie Mercury impersonators were particularly egregious and silly.

At one stage the OSW character, Sgt Vaughn, got killed mid way through his section and was replaced for the rest of it by a WPC called Ophelia Varley. She went after Vaughn was given a brief reprieve.

Robert Alderman, who does get name dropped in the second book, was originally an actual character as well. He was the original Magna.

And then you have Wellington. Wellington was a Beiderbecke student who had an obsession with screwdrivers. His only survival is as a complaint from Dan about how one of Harper’s detentions will be ‘a load of geeks and nerds talking about the durability of a screwdriver.’ He would turn up at random moments and behave in a generally annoying way. His most important scene was in the battle during the second book where he let Randy out of the Beiderbecke common room- The remnants of this scene are still there, only now it is Niamh who lets Randy out and it is from Harper’s office, not the common room.

All of those that were dropped were not great characters. Most of them appeared in one scene and shuffled off never to be seen again. Every so often one might stick their head above the parapet but they were still nothing moments. Mr Ication existed in place of Silverman’s role in the second book (Silverman existing elsewhere before getting pushed over to fill the gap) and like Silverman he didn’t do much beyond a couple of scenes. The only time he appeared again was during a car chase when he inexplicably turned up in an ice cream truck.

These characters are gone and they are best forgotten.


Building Worton is a series of posts going behind the scenes of the Dark Legend books- Spawn, Swarm, Stop the Cavalry and Sting. All are available from Amazon.


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