Sting: Press Release

STING has arrived… It took a while, two and a half years actually, and mostly because I had to rewrite a couple of chapters. I’ve also been working on other things so there’s that as well. Whilst for ourselves it’s been two and half years since our hero and legend, Will, survived the perils of Runcorn and exposed the arms manufacturer NIRA for the corrupt bastards they are, for him it’s only been a couple of months and he’s determined to find out why they played humanity off against each other. Then it goes horribly wrong. The remnants of humanity, meanwhile, are once again united but there’s a lot of suspicion and doubt and mistrust hanging around. Things are about to break.

Actually, we begin eighteen months ago… From the book’s perspective… But that event is important for it plays into one of the major themes of my epic tale, consequences. Both this and the next book (No Angel Born in Hell) rely heavily on the consequences of the character’s actions. For Will the consequences here are about not being able to save the world, about having to give things up as a dead loss and starting again… Was he right to do that? Joe, meanwhile, is suffering consequences for his both his current actions and his past actions, both good and bad, and like Will he’s going to have to face up to them, though for him it will be a harder road than his best friend has to take (for the moment.) In fact, for everyone, the consequences are starting to show.

With this book we’re going somewhere we’ve never been before, over to the other side of that weird glass wall (the one that disappeared from the old Serpent’s Fall back in Swarm)- It’s Worton, but not as we know it. This is Worton after the fall, after the apocalypse. Will and his friends are about to embark on a road trip into the unknown- But they’re going to soon learn that there’s life beyond the end of the world after all.

If you like things like The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy or Doctor Who you’re likely going to like this- It’s a bit more adult than Doctor Who though, just a warning- In fact, the whole epic saga could be described as Doctor Who meets Skins now I come to think about it. There’s plenty to enjoy in here- Body snatching, gladiatorial combat, Harris doing his best to impersonate Hannibal Lecter… And a significant death. I should also warn you of that one. An already established character is going to die before the end of this book.

One other point of note- There are couple of things in this book which, owing to recent terrorist attacks, some people may find upsetting or distressing. If this is likely to be you then I can only apologise and ask that you only do whatever you feel is right. If that includes avoiding the book for however long you need, that is fine by me. I did delay the release the book by a couple of months but I do have a living to make and other books to get out and I couldn’t put it off any longer. Again, I do apologise. I’ve put a temporary warning in the front of the book as well.

For now it’s only available as an eBook but should be available in paperback next year- The previous book, Stop the Cavalry is having its paperback release in September and I have other new books coming out in November and May so it should be after that.

Right now it’s available worldwide on Amazon and iTunes and should be coming soon to other eBook retailers. Enjoy!


AMAZON: (just change to .COM for the US/whatever local store you use)




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