‘Fame & Monsters’ | The Coffee House Interviews

Well the last fictional character interview I did was really fun to write… I actually want to do more. MORE! Let’s do a whole load of them… The Coffee House Interviews! I’ll do them for as long as they’re fun to write and I have characters to interview. So let’s continue with my current biggest hitter and twin brother of previous interviewee Marco.

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An Oncoming Change

I’ve been saying for a long time that Western society is due a major shift of some kind. Until now I didn’t know what form that shift would take but in the last few months I think that I have seen its beginnings. It’s being signified by the likes of the rise of the so called ‘alt-right,’ the ascension of Cirque du Trump and a surge in what is being labelled in some circles as ‘populism.’ As much as the likes of Trump and his die hard supporters, as much as all the right-wing trolls would have us believe we are facing the death of ‘the liberal elite,’ or what everybody else might refer to as the death of progressive thinking, I don’t think we are. What is happening right now is only a precursor, the start of a societal shift and when that does come it will be their end. It will be the end of their way of thinking, the end of misogyny and racism and discrimination and the start of a new dawn for humanitarian thinking, the dawn of a new enlightenment. What we are seeing is the death rattle of something that should have died a long time ago, one final scream before it goes hurtling into the void, forever. Continue reading “An Oncoming Change”

The Old Razzle Dazzle | Birkenhead

NOTE: This piece is also available (along with loads of other pieces) in A Journal of Nearby Places – Available from Amazon


There’s only one way to get to the Wirral. In this case it isn’t a cliché as there is only one way for me to get there. The trains aren’t running due to maintenance work, I don’t drive and walking is definitely out of the question. You can also put swimming right out of your mind. That leaves only one option, the ferry across the Mersey- That which was immortalised in song by Gerry and the Pacemakers, the best way to fully appreciate the UNESCO world heritage site of the Liverpool waterfront and a boat so famous that a trip on it must be taken at least once in a lifetime. Even if all the above weren’t in play, the ferry might be better anyway. If I am to venture into that strange land across the Mersey I can think of no more elegant or interesting way to get there than this… If that sounds pretentious then it probably is.

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