The Year Ahead.

A few days after Christmas… An email from the company I’ve been arranging my paperbacks through. ‘Hey… We’re changing our strategy. As of March 1st we’re discontinuing our paperback operations.’ You have got to be kidding me… Seriously? Well this is just all kinds of not fantastic. It means I’ll have to find some other way of getting my back catalogue into print.

The overall plan remains the same as it ever was- Get properly published, by a proper publishing house, get myself an agent and everything, and get the hell out of dodge- The final destination is once again up in the air. Thankfully that email, as well as pulling the rug out from under me, gave me an alternative for the paperbacks. For the interim between now and when I do finally get properly published (persistence shall prevail) I need those paperbacks. I need every possible resource I can muster to get myself out there, to get myself noticed. As a bonus the paperbacks do look amazing, especially SPAWN.

This year I want to push myself, see if I can’t break through whatever has been holding me back. I can’t say if I will be properly published or not, with only one book to try and get me through (Charlie Fuller) it is going to be hellishly difficult, especially if it happens to be not quite what most of the industry bigwigs are looking for. I have Sting to finally release, probably my first book to go out on all digital platforms at once (yes, even though Dark Legend 2 & 3 are still not multi-platform) but that can’t run the publishing gauntlet due to a number of factors, like being the fourth in a series and being overwhelmingly science fiction. If I’m to get Charlie through I need to make sure it is perfect. I need to give certain people the old razzle dazzle. I need to make the right people fall in love with it. How I’m going to do that is a mystery right now.

The other thing… Travel pieces. Of everything I write, at the moment, these are my favourites. I think last year I did some really good ones, Crosby was a good one I think. I quite liked ‘Inga’s Folly’ as well. I want to do more like them and hopefully, eventually, release a collection of previous travels. Sometime soon I’m taking my first trip for this year- Birkenhead. Sadly what I wanted to see is closed till the end of the month but that just means an excuse for a second trip later on. I want to try something with the piece first, just a wild sort of chance thing, before I put it up here. It was an idea I had Christmas morning and I think it is worth a shot, even if the likelihood of it working is near zilch. I don’t want to jinx the idea though, so I won’t reveal it just yet. I’ll go as soon as my latest bout of mouth pain resides I think.

Which is the third thing. This mouth HAS to be sorted. Somebody posted an old picture on Facebook a while ago and whilst I do have all my teeth in that one I realised that they still don’t look good. Not unbrushed or anything, but still not good. I want a nice smile. I’m saving up for it, almost a third of the way there for the first phase, which will be to restore the two teeth that got cacked up by second rate dentists and maybe replace any missing fillings. The second phase will be to remove an extra fang which has never been done, though has always been needed. Phase three, depending on what such a thing would entail, would be to set the whole lot of them the right way round- Top over bottom instead of bottom over top like they are now. There might also be a nerve problem in there because every time I get an ulcer it shoots pain around half my face. If there is a nerve problem hopefully it will come to light during Operation Smile.

There will be a change in direction on my YouTube channel…  I feel it’s time to take the old format of me telling stories and do something different. I have been doing that over the last year but now it’s time to get radical. There’s another reason I’ll be phasing that out but I’ve already filmed the explanation so I won’t bother you with it.. I have a sort of project planned, one I’ve already begun, and I hope it will be worthwhile. It will be something different and should also test my filmakery and artistic skills, hopefully improve them too.

So that’s the year ahead, for the moment. Changes may come, they inevitably will, but let us hope they are for the better.


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