The Carneddau Landscape: An Archaeological Overview

One quick look at an OS map of the Carneddau range, especially the Northern lowlands, around Tal y Fan and the area to the east of Abergwyngregyn (Aber), and something becomes immediately apparent. There are an awful lot of archaeological sites, especially prehistoric ones, in this relatively small area. What even a cursory glance can tell us is that this is perhaps one of the most important archaeological landscapes in the whole of Wales, if not Britain. After Salisbury Plain it is certainly one of the most concentrated. The area is packed with standing stones, chambered tombs, hill forts, hut circles and much more besides. A rough estimate (from the Snowdonia tourist board) places the number of ancient monuments in the area at well over a thousand. It is clear, even just by looking at a map, that from the Neolithic period right the way through to the medieval period and beyond that this was a region of extreme significance and importance.

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Aunt Mable Takes Over | Short Story

My last short story was all about the hideous Aunt Mable; a wretched old woman who after having not been seen for seventy years suddenly turns up on the day after the start of the Second World War. But then what happens? The previous story ended with her seven nephews (Edward, Seamus, Arthur (narrating,) Fletcher, Erasmus Geoffrey, Tiberius and Earnest) determined to send her packing. As they are about to find out, it isn’t going to be easy, not when Mable is firmly setting her feet under the table…

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Philadelphia | ‘A Few Hours In Philly’

Things are all quiet on the exploration front right now. There are only so many times I can write about Manchester and Liverpool after all. The one bit of Manchester I have left to visit (alright, two if you count the inside of Cheetham’s Library) might be a bit of a pain to get to because the Metrolink doesn’t go down that way. There’s always a bus I suppose. Yes, I know I said I’d explore the Wirral and I’ll get round to it. I was going to start over the summer but then I decided to go to Crosby instead. I could start now but I’m thinking of waiting till after Christmas, although seeing that Unilever has been in the news a visit to Port Sunlight would be quite topical. It was built as a model village by the original Lever Bros. if you didn’t know. It’s a bit too dreek out there for my tastes right now, however- So let’s go back in time instead. Let’s go back to the good old US of A, to that time in February of 2008 when Hillary Clinton was running against Obama for the democratic nomination. I’ve already told of my time in D.C and I left off that story with the coach (full of college students) heading for New York, with a scheduled stop off in the birthplace of American independence: Philadelphia. Continue reading “Philadelphia | ‘A Few Hours In Philly’”

Smiling Through It | The Coffee House Interviews

A couple of months ago I wrote a piece where I imagined that I was being interviewed by one of my own characters, Marcus. It was a lot of fun to write and I wanted to do something else like it. Obviously I couldn’t have another interview with myself so I decided I would flip it. Instead of Marco interviewing me, I’d interview him. This is what happened when we met up in our usual spot for a wee chat…

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