Paperback Writer

I am a paperback writer! Officially! Five years in the job and finally one of my books, Max & Anna, is out in print. This was the one, since I finished it last year, I wanted to see as a physical book. Even though there was a period of a month or two when I thought it was just going to be eBook only we got there in the end. I really can call myself a proper author now.

The book is shipped worldwide from CreateSpace ($7.88 + shipping) and each copy ordered is printed especially for you. Each copy is uniquely yours to love and cherish or to drop into a charity shop/second hand bookstore if you don’t like it.

This is really for everyone who has followed my journey, in whole or in part, these last five years- From the first online serialisation of Dark Legend through to my first ventures into eBooking through to today and the first ever print edition. This is for sticking by me. We aren’t done yet though. This is only the end of the beginning. The next step is getting the support of an agent and a traditional publisher, getting into bookshops and finally getting home. But whatever comes our way, we’ll face it.


And here you are, the first ever JPC print book. Enjoy:



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