‘Endless Corridors’- The Writing Of Doctor Who

When I was growing up most people’s opinions of Doctor Who were that it was all wobbly cardboard sets, monsters made of tinfoil, running up and down corridors and every alien planet was a Bedfordshire quarry. It was a bit rubbish in other words. Before the series came back in 2005 it was something of a joke. It was a quaint, fuzzy old fashioned sort of thing that you could laugh about. Whilst all those ideas have at least some basis in reality (some episodes do have naff sets, naff monsters, endless corridors and there were some alien planets that were just a quarry… The number wasn’t really that high actually- Around 28 stories contained somewhere that looked like quarry and at least four of those were actually supposed to be a quarry) they neglect the fact that Doctor Who was quite often a well thought out, imaginative, sometimes very well acted series that was very often ambitious and was, very occasionally, innovative as well. Sometimes it even looked good as well. It was, sometimes, spectacularly well written and this is evident even today.

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One Step Forwards…


Yeah, I’ve been a bit quiet these last couple of weeks and there’s been a darn good reason for it. I’ve been working very hard on something new… Basically, my next career step. So far I’ve only been paddling in the Amazon pool because that was the best and easiest option for me. I kind of grew complacent with it as well, not even looking at the other options after my first few books. As such I should have done this a long time ago but we’re here now. I am happy to announce that sometime soon, as well as Amazon, you’ll be able to buy my books from a number of new retailers, amongst them iBooks, Nook and Kobo.

That isn’t all though. There are a lot of people out there who don’t like eBooks and that is understandable. I probably wouldn’t have one myself if it weren’t that I needed it for checking and editing and stuff. Until now, because of this, people have had to miss out, have had to give me a pass. Well now there’s nowhere to hide because I am very, very pleased to announce that finally, at last, after six books and a whole lot of words, we’re going the printed route!

Yup. An actual physical book you can hold in your hand and love and cherish forerver! I’ve seen a PDF version of the first one to be released (which will be Max & Anna) and it looks really, really good. I can’t wait to actually see what it looks like in the flesh.

As I say, Max & Anna is first to go up but the other five will be following suit once I’ve jigged them up. Now all this isn’t the holy grail, I haven’t found a publisher or agent and I’m still independent for the moment, but it is a step forwards. A much needed one.REBELS

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