Max & Anna

Did I have any clue, when the optician told me that my eyesight was forty percent worse than the last time I had been tested, that it would lead to this? One day a week away from the computer meant that I was bored… That in turn meant that a few months later I had two notebooks filled with a story that was interesting and not only different from anything I had written before, but so, so different to anything else currently being written by anyone anywhere. I could tell, as I copied my handwritten pages onto the computer and my own words stared back at me that I had written something special, something so extraordinary that it couldn’t be kept under wraps or confined to my small readership.

So naturally, the next thing to do was take a leap into the world of traditional publishing, something I was doing anyway. Then I almost started singing ‘Close Every Door To Me’ from Joseph and The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. They didn’t want it. Special? Pah! Different? Doesn’t matter. Extraordinary? To myself maybe but not to them. Everybody who I sent it to (and I sent it to a lot of people) came back to me and said ‘this isn’t for us.’ The phrase ‘not confident enough’ or ‘not passionate enough’ was thrown back at me an awful lot. It was sad, it was disheartening. Perhaps this really wasn’t a special book after all.

Time usually mutes a person’s opinion on something, especially when they go back to it later on. Not this time. As I started to reluctantly pummel the manuscript into an e-format it struck me once more how good this book really was. Not perfect by a long chalk… There was more work to do on it… But certainly very different, certainly unique and certainly worth letting the world know about. How could you not fall in love with this book, I wondered? I know I’m more than a bit biased but I can really see people falling for this book by the hundreds.

So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you Max & Anna- An old fashioned story of two people, one a princess on the run from revolutionaries, the other the man assigned to be her protector, thrown together into friendship and exploring the mountains of North Wales. I could tell you that it’s beautiful, poetic, reiterate all the stuff I say above about how it’s all unique and different and how you’ll fall in love with it… But why don’t I just let the book speak for itself? Maybe that’s the best thing.

You can find it on Amazon-


as well as worldwide.

There’s also an early draft extract on here (a bit different to the printed version) which includes all of chapter 4 rather than the few paragraphs of the Amazon preview if you want to read a bit more before purchasing. I’ll be posting more stuff on it over the next few days and weeks as well as some stuff concerning my other books so look out for that.

Max and Anna cover



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