Winter is going…

Storm Gertrude is on the way. Actually, by the time you read this Gertrude will have probably passed over but as I write she is on the way. But seriously though… We’re up to GERTRUDE already? That’s the SEVENTH named storm and they only started naming them at the end of last year. Do we get this many storms every year? Is this the year of the seven storms? That’s a good title for a book or a film actually. And I’m not talking an actual calendar year in that but just a general twelve month period. A seasonal year I suppose you might want to call it! Given that it’s the end of January we shouldn’t (touch wood) be seeing any more of them for a while. And surely that means spring is just around the corner.

Well yup… The snowdrops are coming out and the pigeons have come back from a lengthy absence with what appears to be the sole purpose of waking me up in the morning. It’ll soon be time for planting this years bean crop and anything else I can find space to grow this year. New adventures are awaiting… Or they would be If I hadn’t already used up half my adventuring budget on a theatre ticket. Nevermind… More time to concentrate on all other cool stuff I have planned. Yesterday there was proper sunshine, the calm before Storm Gertrude, for most of the day. Perfect for a short walk to the shop. Despite it still being a bit cold and despite the warnings that Gertie is on her way it could almost have been like it was the first day of spring.

But no. Winter has to have its last laugh first doesn’t it. It has to throw the seventh storm our way first. That’s another good film title… It should have Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant in it. Gertrude isn’t going to be as bad here as it will be in other parts, mostly a bit of loud wind and some barer trees (and the phone line went down for a bit) but further north it’s already been really awful according to the news… Scotland battered, floods, collapsed buildings and a red alert from the Met office. Let us hope that this really is the last laugh of this terrible winter because I don’t think the country can handle any more of this.

Seriously… I can’t ever remember a winter this bad before. I’ve seen wet ones and white ones, dry ones and cold ones and sometimes a mixture of all of those… But never anything this foul and damned miserable before. If I hadn’t seen the sun yesterday I might have started thinking that the whole planet had drifted off into deep space and we weren’t ever going to see that yellowy ball of gas ever again. It’s been like the cold and the gloomy, wet, grey skies were never going to clear up. But they are going to… Now that February is here the long, long lonely winter is coming to an enter and the bad weather is, I hope, going to go away.

Spring is on the way. The sheep in the meadow are getting fat with lambs, ready to birth when the warm weather comes along. The daffodil bulbs are waiting just below the surface and very soon the air will be filled with the sound of birdsong… Hopefully not pigeon song though. It might still be a bit wet and chilly out there but winter is definitely going. And thank goodness.


NOPE. Forget I said anything. Here comes STORM HENRY!


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