A Welshman lies dead outside Chester’s Grosvenor Hotel… He’s been murdered, shot through the back with an arrow. The catch? This murder might be totally legal… So begins my latest book, D.S Proctor. And is there much more to say than that? Other than that the book then follows the titular D.S Proctor as he investigates, there really isn’t much.

Book CoverI could tell you about D.S Simon Proctor- A middle aged cop with an old fashioned view of policing (It’s about protecting Law and Order in his view). Unlike other fictional cops he’s not an alcoholic, he doesn’t have a drug problem and he isn’t haunted by any personal demons… Although he is divorced. But you’ll find all that out if you read the book. And you’ll find out about the brilliant side characters as well- Proctor’s son, Corwen, The ex wife who thinks she’s Audrey Hepburn, the exceedingly dimwitted Francesca Chalmers, the rather chill journalist Rhyddian Barnard…

This is a simple story about a murder and about the law- Can it really be legal to kill a man in cold blood? It is short, only a hundred pages so most post people will read it in a day or two, but I have a feeling that this is one book that will stick with you for a while. The characters, whilst I’ll admit that most of them pass through the plot likes leaves on the wind, are some of my most memorable. And the last paragraph… I smile every time I see it.  I hope other people will like that bit too.

You can buy the book on Amazon- Ebook only at the minute, i’m afraid. I really wanted this one to be available in print but, sadly, it’s not long enough for that. But never say never… A print copy might be made available if it sells well enough. The link below is for the UK store but it’s available worldwide (just change the to your local equivalent.) I hope you like this and if it is your first time reading my work then I can only bid you welcome and promise that you’ll have the time of your life.


Book link:

Also, check out my ‘Releases‘ page for links to all my other book.


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