Advice For My 11 Year Old Self

I recently stumbled across this great post by a lady called Robyn, all about what she’d tell her eleven year old self. After reading through it I began to wonder what I would tell my own eleven year old self… What advice would I give to that young, fresh faced boy who was just entering High School? The post really really fired my imagination and I absolutely had to do my own variant. So, below, is what I came up with.

– There is a more direct and quicker way to get to school. Try going along the main road instead of through the housing estate. It might be safer as well.

Puff the Magic Dragon is NOT an acceptable song. It will NEVER be an acceptable song.

– Whilst we’re on the subject of music… Modern music is not all rap or mosh-metal like everyone round here would have you believe. Look around a bit and you might find something you like. (Hint: Use the internet)

– Doctor Who will not become cool until after 2005… And even then, leave the older stuff out of it for a few more years.

– Just admit that you’re related to Rowan Atkinson… You’ll have an easier time of things.

– In fact, DON’T. If you admit that they’ll NEVER leave you alone. Admitting it will only fuel them.

– And that kid you punch in the face when you’re in year 10? You’ll get away with it!

– Your Scottish accent is just the tip of a very big iceberg!

– Stay OUT of the canteen. That place will only make you miserable. Go in there and you WILL get pizza thrown at you.

– That egg is poor quality… What you are trying to do WILL NOT work!

– Your English teacher knows jack… ‘Its’ without an apostrophe is perfectly acceptable when referring to the possessive.

– As far as the PE changing rooms go… Spend as little time in there as you can. Two minutes max.

– You’ll go one hundred times further than over 95% of the people in this school. Just wait and see.

– Some of the things you will do in the future will surprise you… REALLY surprise you.

– The man you will become is completely different to the man you expect to become.

– In a few years you will start something that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

– In the years to come you will see some astonishing, crazy, wonderful and beautiful things…

– Don’t let the bastards grind you down…

– Also, it’s a lie. You DO NOT have an eating disorder of any sort whatsoever. You just haven’t been given the food you actually like yet!

– Follow your dreams. Don’t let anyone else dictate your life and ignore the people who say you can’t do it.


So, eleven year old James, heed my advice and heed it well. It will be useful in the years to come. And to the reader of this article, what advice would you give to your own 11 year old self? Let me know down in the comments.


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