An In Depth Synopsis

One thing everybody should do, once they finish writing a book, is write an in depth synopsis. Why? Well even if you aren’t going to send your finished product anywhere its good practice for if you ever decide to send something else. It will also help you to understand what you have written in a much better way, help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of the plot and the characters and by thinking about it in an analytical way you’ll then be able to talk about your work in a much clearer and more concise manner. In these synopsis you need to talk about the plot, the themes and the characters without actually bigging the book up in any way. You also need to do it in a couple of thousand words or less… Two pages of size 12 is the ideal. But rather than tell you how to do it I can show you an example, one of mine. It might not be perfect and it is longer than most (I also keep some details deliberately vague) but if you’re looking for how to do it this should at least give you something of a start… Oh and the pictures and pull quotes are just to make the page easier on the eye… Don’t put them in your actual synopsis. Keep it professional.

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A Tourist Guide To Liverpool

Sometimes it is nice to just go places and not write about them. Travel blogging is all well and good but every once in a while you just want to relax and just enjoy a place. There is one city, where I go often, and I don’t write about my visits. I want to keep them to myself. This is not because they’re boring or uninteresting but because we all need a few places in the world we can call our own, somewhere we don’t have to share what we do with other people. As you can no doubt guess from the title one of mine is Liverpool. Although I have written of Liverpool in the past, more recent visits have gone undocumented. This is because, since I wrote those pieces, it has morphed into one of my special places, a place I don’t write about. But since Liverpool is a famous city I can’t exactly keep it all to myself. It’s not like the place is devoid of life and I can dance down Lime Street like Doc Brown at the end of Back To The Future Part 2… Other people are going to visit and they’re going to want to know about the city… Now I don’t want to talk about my visits as such but I can still, at least, tell you about some of the best things this city has to offer!

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Advice For My 11 Year Old Self

I recently stumbled across this great post by a lady called Robyn, all about what she’d tell her eleven year old self. After reading through it I began to wonder what I would tell my own eleven year old self… What advice would I give to that young, fresh faced boy who was just entering High School? The post really really fired my imagination and I absolutely¬†had¬†to do my own variant. So, below, is what I came up with.

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