Today is Dylan day… A day to celebrate the life and work of Dylan Thomas, perhaps the finest poet to have ever come out of Wales. Being part Welsh myself and having my own literary canon heavily embedded in the country, I couldn’t resist putting this up. I… dabble in poetry from time to time (and I had one published when I was eleven!) but I don’t make much of this part of my writing repertoire because much of it is hardly poetic gold. I wrote this one a while ago and as the theme has strong a strong Dylan connection I thought I’d share. Poem after the jump…

Building burning, blinding rage…
Madness fueling, anger filled, hating rage…
Coursing, flowing, screaming…
Catching on lips with a deep, growling breath
Clenching fists, ready to punch and rip and tear
Pulsating and throbbing under skin, boiling through blood.

Muscles ache,
Losing control
Eyes clouded by focus,
Eyes fixated on anger

Mind whirring,
Thoughts erratic
Concentration gone
Only madness and rage…

And then it fades,
Fades to nothing
Leaving only emptiness in its wake.


2 thoughts on “Rage

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    1. It is an angry poem isn’t it, much like rage itself is a very angry form of emotion. I don’t think I have ever heard of the shed thing before… An intriguing bit of information.
      Cheers- James.

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