The Princes In The Tower: A Theory

With the reburial of Richard III imminent we are, once again, hearing a lot about his reputation and how he wasn’t the machiavellian monstrosity that Shakespeare made him out to be. But even if he wasn’t at all like that, even if he doesn’t deserve the reputation he has garnered, there is still an enormous shadow hanging over his reign, that of the princes in the tower. Their disappearance is a mystery that has fascinated many and yet no definitive answer has ever been provided. Now I’m not going to say that I have an absolute, definitive answer to the mystery but I think I may, possibly, have found a reason as to why they disappeared.

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The movie of my life…

So for a while now I’ve been planning to do a part of my autobiography as a movie, specifically the part where I did a history show on student radio. Some of you are no doubt wondering why I chose that area and not, say, something about my adolescence or my terrible upbringing. The problem there is that I spent half my adolescence sat at my computer, alone, creating the early versions of the Morfaverse and the rest is so dull that it’s hardly worth mentioning. It all comes down to the fact that I believe those first two years I spent at university really would make a cracking movie and that movie would chart the rise and sudden downfall of my own history themed radio show, Past Force.

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R.I.P: Terry Pratchett

I’ve just seen the news and it is indeed a sad day in the world of literature. Terry Pratchett, author of the renowned Discworld books, has died at the age of 66 following a lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s. I honestly don’t know what to say… I am just genuinely miserable right now.

My relationship with the disk is a fairly recent one as things go. I attempted to read one of the books years ago whilst at school, plucking one from off the library shelves, I think it was The Fifth Elephant, but somebody saw me and got all arsey and said I should start at the beginning with The Colour of Magic.¬† Stupidly I listened. I should have told them to bugger off in all honesty. Many will tell you that the first Discworld book is far from the best (And I would agree) so it is probably no wonder that I didn’t get far in before giving up. It wasn’t until I was at university that I finally did pick up a Discworld book. I’d heard a lot about Nightwatch¬† and how good it was supposed to be so I went and got myself a copy. Blow me it was good. And ever since, every so often I’ve dived headlong back to the Disc. Just this morning I was thinking of picking up Sourcery but opted instead for Thomas Hardy… I haven’t started it yet so I now might just change my mind.

Terry was one of the finest writers Britain, nay the world, has ever produced. He’s certainly up there with the likes of Dickens and the aforementioned Thomas Hardy. He was certainly one of the best writers in Britain today. You can keep your J.K Rowlings and your Ian Rankins… It was Terry who was the king. His works were full of wry humour and wit and his talent for storytelling shone through on every page. His world shall live on, certainly. And he shall never be forgotten.

Terry Pratchett 1948-2015. Rest in piece my friend. (Picture credit: wikimedia)


On the Trail of Dr Johnson | To the Llyn and Back Again

Where we left off last time, Dr Johnson was in Caernarfon with his travelling companions; the Thrale family along with a local politician called Colonel Wynne, an Italian by the name of Pascal Paoli and some naval chap called Troughton. So far they have travelled all the way from London, up to Derbyshire and then through Shropshire, Cheshire and along the North Wales coast before exploring the area around the Menai. Now it is August 22nd and the group are heading south towards Pen Llyn…

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