Autobiography: Phase 2

About a year since I officially launched phase 1, the video section, of my autobiography, I am finally pleased to say that phase 2 is ready! Yes, at last you can all stare at pictures of me as a baby, probably going ‘awww’ and then skipping forwards twenty years and wondering what the hell happened. This is a collection of the best photos from my life so far, everything from my baby photos and my first steps through to school, university and to my travels around the world.  Each photo comes with a detailed caption explaining a little about the picture and what is going on and there are even links to travelogues, videos and connected works; bringing together both autobiography phases as well as my work in general. Expect more photos to be added in future and at some time in the future (when I’ve found enough to make uploading worthwhile) I shall release Phase 3- Notes and Drawings!

But in the meantime here it is… My life in pictures. Enjoy:


A Saga Is Born…

This weeks video is all about how the Morfaverse took shape… How one small idea involving the son of Mars ended up creating the first version of the literary universe we all know and love today. It’s a bit of a long one but its worth watching in my opinion., especially as it shows us all how mental and bizarre the early versions of the Morfaverse (anything pre-Rebels) were:

Why Bangor?

Ahh… There ain’t nothing like a new video. This one is about how and why I chose my university… Bangor. And speaking of Bangor I”ve finally started to upload those short stories I’ve long been promising. They’re under the ‘upcoming’ tab above. Only three have been released so far but of all of them I think Jack Joyce might be the best. And I should also warn you that Angela Valoise is NSFW as it contains sexually explicit imagery. I’ll have a full post about the Bangor stories later in the week. But for now i’ll just leave you with the video about my university choices:

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