Dark Legend: Stop The Cavalry

   Things don’t always go to plan and this plan has gone a little bit awry… Originally there were supposed to be four Dark Legend volumes. Volume three was due out next and it was going to include two shorter stories (In The Ghetto Stop The Cavalry) plus three longer ones seperated into three chapters each (Two as yet unnamed and No Angel Born In Hell). Now In The Ghetto worked fine and it served as a nice little re-introduction to what was going on and acted as the perfect lead-in to the volume. The problem instead lay with the story that follows, Stop The Cavalry. It was supposed to be about ten thousand words long… But it’s ended up being longer… Much longer. So I figured I could include it with volume 3 and make the book a long one as I did with Volume 2 or I could cut the two shorter stories and release them in their own special volume. I went for the latter option and so now, around christmas time, you can look forwards to the release of STOP THE CAVALRY! Being only two stories it will probably be somewhat cheaper than the usual volumes but it will still contain just as much action, adventure and twisted black humour as before. A quick summary of the two stories is below but spoilerphobes who haven’t yet read Volume 2 may want to avoid them as they contain an important plot detail or two. Anyway… This will be out sometime towards Christmas but if you can’t wait that long I’ll also be releasing a set of (non dark legend related) short stories through soundcloud at some point soon (there are at least three of them!).


In The Ghetto

Britain is at war. The country is divided between the Graffe (and their supporters) and those who would fight against them. Somewhere behind Graffe lines, trapped in the crumbling remains of Worton’s Crest district, a group of desperate refugees live a hand to mouth existence scavenging what food they can and hiding from the Graffe and their numerous human kill squads. That is until one day when Dast Sayeff and his young friend Miles ‘Jazz’ Singer find themselves face to face with the last person they ever suspected… But ‘the legend’ is in the Ghetto for a reason. He’s tracking down something that shouldn’t exist, something that he thought was destroyed forever: A MAGNA GRAFFE.

Stop The Cavalry

‘If any bridge was ever going to be too far…’ (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia, Creative commons copyright Eryka Hurst)

Military command have come up with a plan to advance the progress of the war and it can’t possibly fail… because it already has. The plan is to secrete elite groups of soldiers behind enemy lines and have them take eighteen bridges across the length of the Mersey, Irwell and Manchester Ship Canal. Meanwhile a spearhead of tanks will cut a corridor along the entire length of the river so that a larger army may then use it to push deep into enemy territory; a deluded, ridiculous and shortsighted rehash of Operation Market Garden that seems as destined to fail as the first time around. But after finding himself and his team at the worst possible end of the Mersey and a mile behind their drop zone, Will and his friends soon discovers there are larger forces at work, forcing playing humanity against one another for the benefit of the Graffe. With no communications and no way of knowing when (or if) backup will arrive they must fight for their lives in order to survive the perils of Graffe infested Runcorn and unmask the truth behind mysterious arms company TOSHI LTD. But if any bridge was ever going to be too far, it would have to be this one…


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