50 Facts You Didn’t Know About This Blade of Grass

I saw someone posted a link (This link) about life in a boarding school and one of the things that struck me was that one of the punishments was to write an essay with titles such as ’50 facts you didn’t know about this blade of grass’ and I just thought to myself that it wasn’t in any way a punishment… It was sooo easy! So easy that I just had to give it a go… So here it is: 50 facts you didn’t know about this blade of grass.

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After The Queen

All around the world many people love the British Royal family… From Australia and New Zealand right through to places like Russia, France and America there are thousands of people who love, admire and adore one group of people. Wherever they go crowds will cheer them and wave little flags and give them flowers and specially knitted baby grows. Whenever a birth or a wedding is imminent the world’s media will camp outside the church or hospital… even if there is nothing to report. They’ll stand on the banksĀ  People will jump on anything they can and they travel great distances to stand outside the gates of Buckingham Palace or wander the halls of Windsor Castle… And standing right at the heart of it all is just one lady, A lady who, if she were like you or I, you would barely bat an eyelid towards. This is, of course, the queen, and she has probably been adored and admired more than any other person in history. Without a doubt she is the most recognizable woman in the world but for all she is loved and admired and worshipped she is, after all, only human (despite what the Sex Pistols and certain conspiracy theorists may tell you) and at the grand old age of 88 it is a sad fact that the day is rapidly approaching when she shall join the ranks of her predecessors and become a part of history… But then what will happen and just how might she be judged by history?

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