Book Review | Archangel (Robert Harris)

If you saw my previous video (and by previous I mean the one before the one I didn’t tell anyone about because it was a bit dull but still necessary to upload for later purposes) you’ll be aware that I’m attempting to read 52 books this year (Normally I only get through about thirty.) As a way to demonstrate the challenge I thought it would be a nice idea to review some of those books. So here’s the first, Archangel by Robert Harris. It’s not a perfect review but it’s also not bad for a first attempt. Have fun.



On The Trail of Dr Johnson: Up the Menai

Where last we left Dr Johnson he was sharing a room with two men somewhere in my home city of Bangor. As we pick up the trail it is late August 1774 and Dr Johnson, along with his companions the Thrale family (his landlords… Oh and he was probably having it off with Mrs Thrale as well… And he may also have been the father of some of her children,) have finally reached the peak of their journey, Bangor and the Menai straits from where we pick up the trail. As as a side note I have also managed to get hold of Mrs Thrale’s diary of the trip so it should be far easier to add a little more flesh to the bones… Anyhow, ONWARDS!

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Doctor Who | Another Way

I haven’t written about Doctor Who since before the eleventh regenerated at Christmas and nor have I wanted to. Why? Because the episode was an absolute shambles. It’s one of the few Dr Who episodes I never want to rewatch… EVER. And that is saying something. Ok… It had a select few nice bits and Capaldi’s debut was definitely a good moment… But that didn’t make up for the previous hour of handwaving, stuffed the gills nonsense that somehow managed to undo a whole wealth of future story ideas (The regeneration limit for one thing, waved away without the fanfare or explanation such a moment deserved.) In short, the episode was a mess. I won’t go into too many details about the episode in question but I will say that it was the worst denigration to a departing Doctor since they put a blonde wig on Sylvester McCoy. I mean… Matt Smith did his best with the dire script but no actor can make a bad script good. And the thing is it didn’t need to be this way. We didn’t need the cracks (which have now become a pointless retcon) We didn’t need the Daleks or the Weeping Angels or the Doctor uncharacteristically dieing of old age (remind me again how much the Doctor has aged since Smith’s debut and yet has never grown older or changed until now?). But quite recently I’ve worked out that there was another way, a simpler, missed (or perhaps even dropped) opportunity that goes right back to the beginning of the Eleventh Doctor. And it is an opportunity that would have saved us from most, if not all, of this tripe.

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JPC’s Britain: A Literary Tourism Guide

Today is apparently World Book Day and as a writer I would be seriously failing at my job if I didn’t produce something on today of all days. And it had to be book related as well which meant I couldn’t use one of the multitude of articles I’ve started writing but haven’t yet finished. There is a Charlie update on that list (at last!) But I don’t really want to release it yet (Oh for the love of…) So it had to be something new. And then I had the idea of writing a literary tourism guide… A guide to the places mentioned and featured in the Morfa-verse (We seriously need a better name for my literary canon), the places where ideas originated and the would be locations of the ones that don’t exist. I’ve included Charlie in here since I’m supposed to be taking you through the making of the book (Yeah… SUPPOSED to be)  and I’ve included some that aren’t released yet but will be in the near future. Anyway… Enjoy and have a happy world Book Day!

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