The Dark Legend Dossier | Volume 2

It seems like a long time since Will, Joe and Cliff Richard sat down for christmas dinner together, and indeed it has- nearly eighteen months, but finally the second volume of the epic, action fueled sci-fi adventure THE DARK LEGEND DOSSIER has hit the digital shelf and it’s bigger, better and badder than the first- The world has reached the tipping point and as humanity holds on for dear life Will and his gang (who have definitely grown up a bit since Volume 1) fight their way through hordes of mutants, new monstrosities and even each other as they continue their desperate attempts to stop Jonathon Harris and his plague of Graffe once and for all. From start to finish this volume is a roller coaster ride of twists, turns and shocking revelations- There’s even a dirty sex scene for those of you who like that sort of thing- And rest assured, you’ll probably be crying before you reach the end.

Below you’ll find the official synopsis as well as links to the UK and US Kindle stores. Enjoy- James.

DL 2Amsterdam has fallen to the mutants known as Graffe and the rest of the world is rapidly following suit. The only salvation appears to lie with the one man who has dared to stand up to the mutant plague sweeping the world… But Will, although closer than ever to stopping the Graffe, has his own problems to deal with. A shocking revelation about his past and the subsequent creation of a dangerous hybrid mutation has put him firmly in the cross hairs of dangerous lunatic Jonathon Harris. Knowing Harris will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants, Will formulates a plan to stop him, a plan that soon goes horribly wrong…

As the epic saga continues and humanity finds itself on a knife edge, Will and his gang of would be heroes must band together in order to stop Harris and the march of the Graffe once and for all. But as the day of judgement approaches it becomes clear that things aren’t going to be easy. Friendships are torn apart, enmities are forged and dangerous new foes are released onto the streets of Lancashire and as everything reaches a heart pounding climax only one thing is certain: WHEN DARKNESS FALLS, A LEGEND WILL RISE!





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