JPC’s Sound of 2013

Another year has now passed and with a new one just around the corner the time has come to look back on what has gone before and realize how terrible it all was when in probably wasn’t that bad if truth be told… Same as every year then… And before we get onto 2014 and the obsequious hell and torment it will unleash it’s time for the now traditional rundown of the songs I’ve been listening too most this year; the good, the bad and the absolutely inexplicable… Here goes.

FUN.-Carry on

I had never heard of Fun. until they were pointed out to me by a friend whilst we were randomly wandering round HMV. Being told they were a decent enough band I went home and had a listen. And yeah… They were decent enough but this song in particular caught my attention. I quickly fell in love with it and since I first heard it it’s become the song I turn to whenever I feel a bit down. It’s good therapy and a good song as well.

I’ll Make a Man out of You (From Mulan)

Having only seen Mulan once, many years ago, this isn’t a song I was familiar with. And then one day whilst bumming around the internet I found out that Jackie Chan has released several albums and singles. Out of curiosity I had a look and came across a version of this song in Chinese. Liking the beat of it I checked out the English version. But then something strange happened… I was busily working away on Charlie one day when I suddenly thought of this song and it was one of those moments where I just had to listen to it. And then the thing snowballed and for some reason I find I have to listen to it every time I start working on Charlie. I’ve no idea why but it’s just become one of those things. Maybe when the book comes out I’ll film a trailer with this as the music. Thoughts?

Ben Folds Five- Do It Anyway

I think I only came across this song because I was looking for stuff to do with Fraggle Rock and the official video features the things. So naturally I ended up listening to it. Ok… It’s not the best song in the world but it’s catchy and I’ve found it’s good for when I need a bit of motivation. More than a few times this year I’ve done things because the lyrics of this song have echoed round my head. And somehow that works.

Daft Punk- Get Lucky

Apparently this was everywhere this year and people got sick of it. I don’t know about everywhere but I saw it mentioned a few times on twitter, thought I’d have a listen and liked it… Then I bought it. Then I kept playing it. Then I couldn’t stop playing it because it’s brilliantly addictive. I’m not a particular fan of electronic/dance music but this song is something different. I’m not one for conformity either but this song probably appears on every other sound of 2013 list as well. So that’s two odd things to keep you amused.

Billy Joel- Goodnight Saigon

This is the first of three songs I found whilst surfing YouTube this year. I think I was looking for another Billy Joel song at the time (he’s done so many!) but I ended up listening to this and it immediately caught my attention. There was something in it that I liked and I can’t put my finger on why. Perhaps it’s the sentiment or perhaps it’s just because it’s a darn good song. I’m not sure but that doesn’t matter much. The point is it was there and I listened to it. End of story.

The Offspring- You’re Gonna Go Far Kid

This came up in the recommended videos bar of YouTube and being curious, I had a look. The video said nothing about the song being by the Offspring and if it had I probably would have never clicked it… I had never listened to the Offspring in my life and I had no intention of starting. The Offspring were one of those bands that just weren’t acceptable to listen to where I went to school and as I wasn’t the most popular kid I didn’t need any reason to make myself more unpopular than I was.  But the song caught my attention and once listened to I found I really liked it. I was quite surprised to find it was by the Offspring but it was one of those songs I couldn’t stop listening to… And still haven’t stopped.

Eddie And The Hotrods- Do Anything You Wanna Do

I’ve sure been listening to a lot of ‘motivational’ songs this year and this is the third I found whilst surfing YouTube. I was looking for some randomly obscure punk band to throw into the Rebels and I came across these guys (Here’s a challenge, try to find them whilst you’re having a read!) And whilst having a listen I found I really liked them, in particular this song. I find it so good I do wonder why it’s such an obscure song and never played on radio etc (Though at the time of release they appeared on ToTP so originally it wasn’t that obscure. It should be better known than it is at any rate. But anyway… I liked it and I’ve played it enough to include it here at any rate.

Fleetwood Mac- Don’t Stop

Yup… Another f-ing song that could be considered to be motivational. Heck… It is motivational. There’s no ‘considered’ about it. I am seriously trying to work out how I ended up with so many this year… Anyway, I’ve known about this song for a while but after a poor cover version appeared on some advert (why do all adverts use poor cover versions rather than the originals these days?) I really wanted to hear the original and as I was in a bit of a rut at the time it cheered me up. And then as is often the case with these songs I couldn’t stop… Not that you should stop anyway.

Elton John- Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me

For the second year in a row Elton John makes it onto the list, if only because it appeared as one of the chapter titles for Dark Legend Volume 2. I was trying to be a bit clever as the chapter is the one with the major death in it and I thought it would be a nice bit of symbolism, whilst following it up with a chapter entitled ‘Hello Darkness My Old Friend’ was a work of pure genius. But anyway… Because I was trying to be clever, I ended up playing this song and then realised it fit the chapter extremely well… ‘I can’t light no more of your darkness…’ ‘Too late to save myself from falling…’ Yup, very appropriate.

Daft Punk, The Offspring and Walt Disney… Yeah! It’s been a bit of weird year. Hopefully next year will have less motivational songs than this one. And in the next twelve months life is going to change for me… I’ll be heading off for a new city and continuing my slow ascent up towards my goal of being the greatest writer/storyteller of the 21st century for one thing. There’s a lot of music waiting for me out there and the next year looks set to be a very interesting one…


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