JPC’s Sound of 2013

Another year has now passed and with a new one just around the corner the time has come to look back on what has gone before and realize how terrible it all was when in probably wasn’t that bad if truth be told… Same as every year then… And before we get onto 2014 and the obsequious hell and torment it will unleash it’s time for the now traditional rundown of the songs I’ve been listening too most this year; the good, the bad and the absolutely inexplicable… Here goes.

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The Dark Legend Dossier: Volume 2 (Update)

So… I promised that I would bring you Dark Legend V2 in time for christmas. Well unfortunately it’s taking a little longer than I expected My last book being overdue didn’t help. It’s getting there but it just isn’t going to be ready in time I’m afraid. Instead it’s likely to be out in the first few weeks of the new year. Besides which, I released a book not that long ago and it won’t be long until the first of the ‘Tales of Worton’ is released. (I’m hoping to record it next week). Then on top of that Volume 1 is still available and my autobiography is being updated regularly as well as this here blog of mine so there should be plenty to keep you entertained if you get bored over christmas and need some sort of a JPC fix.

DL 2But in the meantime what can I tell you about the book itself? Well… Following a disastrous weekend in Amsterdam humanity is on the edge of the abyss. Day by day cities and nations are falling to the might of the Graffe and everybody is waiting for the end. But after discovering the source of the Graffe outbreak, Will and his gang of would be heroes realize that they might just be able to save whatever is left of the world before it is too late. But then it very quickly goes downhill and everything that can go wrong does go wrong…

And to tease things some more:

– Dan’s past life as a Graffe comes back to haunt everybody

– Doug gets emotional (several times)

– Randy gets a girlfriend (But it’s not that simple 😉 )

– Will finds himself watching Loose Women

– Eliza receives some unexpected news

– Can you hear them singing?

-There are two new breeds of Graffe to contend with

– You may well cry before the end.

There are also a few new characters in there to keep things fresh Lydia, Muriel Fisher, Dr Necropolis and Mr Silverman amongst them, as well as a couple of cameos that you might not be expecting. I wish I could say more but if I did it’d spoil the whole thing. But going through the thing it does some like a good book (although ultimately that isn’t for me to decide.) There’s definitely some good plot/character development in there as Randy’s fall from grace continues whilst Will and Dan seem to be developing something of an epic bromance (Yup… The fandom shippers will have a field day with that one!). The true level of animosity between Joe and Eliza is revealed whilst Eliza herself finds she needs to reevaluate her entire life.

And at the end of it all we’re half way through this epic saga of friendship, love and kick-ass heroics so after this, for those who survive to the end (Oh yes… At least one major character dies!) life as they know it will suddenly become very different.

I won’t write much more. I’ve got a fair bit to get done and you don’t want to be reading another two thousand word essay. Lord knows I’ve written enough of those. I’ll have at least one more post before New Year (my annual rundown of the songs that have marked my life over the last twelve months) and if I get Tales Of Worton done before then a short post introducing it. So in the meantime have a merry Christmas and I’ll see you soon.

‘Children should read more classics?’ Nonsense!

I was pointed towards this recent article (ok… It’s from October but it’s recent enough) about Joanna Trollope who has launched an almost unprovoked attacked on modern literature, mostly sci fi and fantasy, and claims that children should go back to reading ‘the classics’ like Jane Austen and George Elliot and be taught those books in schools. In particular she states that modern books like the Hunger Games ‘fail to provide a moral compass or guidance’ and leave children ’empty’ and ‘with nothing’ whereas the likes of Jane Austen are more relevant and relatable material. Well for a start I think this is certainly the biggest load of nonsense I have ever heard…

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