My Doctor and Me

When I was nothing more than a kid I fell in love with a man… Ok not a man… More like a nine hundred year old alien time traveller with two hearts and the ability to change both his appearance and personality whenever he was injured. One day he just fell out of his TARDIS into my life. He hasn’t left it since and together we’ve travelled time and space, fighting evil and picking up countless random women along the way… Ok… Sort of… I think I need to explain.

I have no idea how old I was when that first episode came on but I can recall it as clear as day. It was some repeat of Spearhead from Space (Episode 1) on BBC 2 and from the moment John Pertwee fell out of his Tardis into that glade (I think it was a glade… It looked like a glade) I was hooked. And Spearhead was followed by The Silurians and then my first taste of Tom Baker’s Doctor in Genesis Of The Daleks. The BBC didn’t show any more than those three but I was absolutely entranced. Those episodes had catapulted me into a kind of bromance with a very strange man and that bromance has lasted right up until the present day.

And that’s when I found the episodes they used to show on UK Gold on a sunday morning… They were only showing the colour episodes by this point but they were Doctor Who all the same and I soon got to know Doctors 5 through 7 and I started to love that man even more. Then I started buying the videos and later on DVDs and I met the 1st and 2nd Doctors… I started reading the books and I got hold of some of the soundtrack CDs and devoured everything I could that was related to Doctor Who.

Of course, this was in the bad old days when liking Doctor Who was something that you just didn’t admit to in public, back before it was cool or normal. Naturally I was quite open about this and as such I got ridiculed… And as I was never the coolest kid in school in the first place it didn’t do my reputation any good. But I didn’t care because I loved it, more than I have ever loved any other television show ever. And then they started making it again and I lapped up every minute I could.

Even to this day I proudly wear my fanboy status like a badge of honour… Just look what I got up to in Cardiff for instance! If I ever have to miss an episode for any reason I’m always hugely disappointed. And yeah ok, a small minority of episodes have been extremely dodgy these last couple of years but that’s all parr for the course. If one episode is tripe there’ll soon be another uber-awesome episode along to make up for it… It’s just that there have been a few more than usual of late. Besides, you can’t expect a show with 800 episodes to be completely perfect. There has to be the odd clunker now and again just by the laws of statistics alone. All series are like that… Need I point you in the direction of a Trekkie  so you can ask them about Spock’s Brain?

And now, this weekend, is the fiftieth anniversary of the show I hold so dear, the show that has defined a huge part of my life, the show and the man I share a lifelong bromance with. And that is truly incredible. In some form or another the Doctor has been having adventures for FIFTY years and it has been said by some that it is the show that can never die. Maybe I’m biased  I wasn’t even born when it started… I wasn’t even born when the original series was cancelled. But that hasn’t stopped me falling hook line and sinker for this mad, sometimes implausible but always entertaining programme about a two hearted alien who travels through time and space in a dimensionally transcendental police box. I love it… And I probably always will.

So this is from me to the Doctor, not just to say congratulations and happy birthday and whatnot, but to say thank you. Thank you for the countless hours we’ve spent together, thank you for all the adventure and the excitement and showing me the wonders the universe and for being there when I’m down and when I’m not. Thanks for the laughs and the wasted youth and the inspiration. Thank you for the memories. Most of all I want to say thank you for just being the Doctor… For being my Doctor.



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