On the Trail of Dr Johnson: Treffynnon to Bangor

Last time Dr Johnson and his landlords/potential fellow sitcom stars the Thrales entered Wales and explored Sir Ddynbych where we discovered a rather curious anomaly about how parish churches in the county seem to be quite distant from their respective settlements. Now They’re back on the road again and headed for Treffynnon…

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Introducing Doctor Who (Part 2: The Fourth Doctor)

It seems quite a while ago now that I did my run down of the best stories from the first to third doctors with which to introduce someone… And since then we’ve had the announcement of a new Doctor (Peter Capaldi… Good Choice) the surfacing of nine classic episodes  and the return of Paul McGann. And now the fiftieth is also upon us so there’s probably no better time to continue my rundown… Continue reading “Introducing Doctor Who (Part 2: The Fourth Doctor)”

My Doctor and Me

When I was nothing more than a kid I fell in love with a man… Ok not a man… More like a nine hundred year old alien time traveller with two hearts and the ability to change both his appearance and personality whenever he was injured. One day he just fell out of his TARDIS into my life. He hasn’t left it since and together we’ve travelled time and space, fighting evil and picking up countless random women along the way… Ok… Sort of… I think I need to explain.

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Some three and a half years after I began it has finally arrived… THE REBELS is now available on Amazon.

REBELSWales, 1976: When Otto, a punk rebelling against his upbringing and his future as the head of a vast business empire, meets the like minded Claire his life changes forever. Taking her back to his home deep in the Eryri mountains the two punks fall in love and very soon it is as if neither can live without the other. But Otto’s father has other ideas and after being separated from each other Otto follows Claire back to her home in London only to find her gone. After committing a terrible act, he escapes the law and sets out to find his girlfriend and reunite with the love of his life. But on the streets of Harlem Otto discovers something sinister and he soon learns that to face it he must embrace the very thing he is rebelling against, his destiny…

Below you’ll find the introductory video which explains a bit more about it etc. as well as all the links to where you can get yourself a copy. But anyway, there you go. That’s it… The product of almost four years of my life. Enjoy.

UK STORE: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00GQAAULC

US STORE: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GQAAULC


The Storyteller

Something has been evolving for a while and I didn’t notice until just now. I’ve been writing stories ever since I first picked up a pen  and I thought that I was heading towards one destination. I haven’t been going there. My road has been taking me close to that destination but not quite there. I thought my path was leading me towards being a writer, you know like some of my heroes… Like Conan Doyle or Tolkien or Kipling (without the overt imperialism.) And whilst yes, my path has made me into a writer of sorts (and that is a part of what I am,) that is not where things have been leading me. All this time that I thought I was working towards becoming a writer I’ve been wrong. I’ve been working towards becoming a storyteller instead…

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