Nine Episodes of Doctor Who Found!

A few months ago there was an absurd rumour that 90 episodes of Dr. Who had been found… And it definitely seemed too good to be true. Ninety episodes out of the missing one hundred and six? Impossible… Well, as it turned out the haul of ‘ninety’ wasn’t exactly. Which was a real shame. I’d have loved to see some of those missing episodes. The Abominable Snowmen, The Evil of The Daleks… But the good news is that they have found some episodes. It just turns out to be nine, not ninety.

And we can’t really complain because they are nine of the best episodes ever made: THE ENEMY OF THE WORLD (which is all about an evil Dr duplicate dictator) and THE WEB OF FEAR ( which is about Yeti on the London Underground.) As it turned out they’ve been sitting on a dusty shelf in Nigeria for the last forty five years until someone (A man called Philip Morris) came along and rediscovered them. And although it isn’t the ninety we should still be pleased. I already have the old soundtrack release for Enemy and it sounds like a truly fantastic story, and by the accounts from the people who’ve already seen it, it is. The one I’m most looking forward to however is The Web of Fear… I recently read the book of it’s prequel (The Abominable Snowmen) and I found it absolutely terrific and I can only hope that Web ups the ante on that story.

As Christmas is coming up and I’m a bit busy with work at the moment I think I’m going to wait a bit before I buy them… Maybe I’ll buy them as a treat for myself for when I’ve released my current crop of books. My hand keeps itching over the iTunes store but I know that at the moment they’ll just be a distraction if i do buy them. So If I want to keep on top of things I have to wait… I have no other choice. Which is a shame but nothing i can cope. Though by the time we get to New Year and the last of my three books is released I may just jump on them like a rabid yeti. That’s if I don’t cave before then.

But all in all, the news that these nine have been found is fantastic and it gives us fanboys some hope that the remaining 97 will be found. And although it’s only nine less than 106 it somehow seems a whole lot easier to find a measly 97 episodes. My only hope now is that someone comes across the Abominable Snowmen… Even just one more episode of it would make me happy. But I suppose any more missing episodes, whatever they are, would still be good.

(Poster image courtesey of Radio Times)


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