Charlie and The Chocolate Factory: What happened to the other children?

One of my favourite authors as a kid was Roald Dahl. I couldn’t get enough of him and I have, at one point or another read most of his major works. The ones I haven’t read are mainly the short stories (Though I’ve read some of them) The Vicar of Nibbleswick, The Gremlins, his two adult novels (Because I’ve never come across them) The Giraffe the Pelly and Me (Can’t think why) his non-fiction work and The Witches, (Because I was a wimp and refused to read it…). But out of the ones I did read, one of my favourites, was Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, that brilliant story about a boy who finds a golden ticket in a bar of chocolate and gets whisked on a tour through a magical chocolate factory by a mad man who almost bumps off four other children along the way (though they miraculously survive). Now we already know that Charlie goes on to live a happy life in complete control of the chocolate factory. He goes into space, fights of Vermicious Knids, rescues his grandmother from minus land and generally has a good time before taking early retirement and selling Wonka Chocolate to KRAFT foods (Several years behind on that joke James!) But what about the other children? Whatever happened to them?


After falling into the chocolate river and getting sucked into the fudge room, Augustus Gloop had already had most of the fat squeezed out of him and once recovered he quickly found being thin had far more advantages than being overweight. He had more friends and he became popular for the first time in his life and he even stopped being bullied at school. He even found that girls (of the attractive kind) were starting to like him and he also felt much better as a person. Liking this new way of life he decided to stay healthy and became something of a fitness fanatic, jogging every morning and evening and always making sure he eats a good and varied diet. He eventually became a professional athlete and, although not world class by any standards, was something of a local celebrity. However, when it came to chocolate Gloop was to be forever traumatized by his experiences in the Wonka factory. He could never go near a chocolate bar without breaking out in a cold sweat and recalling his fall into the chocolate river. Because of this fear he visited a number psychiatrists and group therapy sessions. It was at one of these meetings that he met his future wife, Kiki, and they now live happily in a little cottage by a river- Though not one made of chocolate.

Like Augustus, Violet developed an innate fear of the thing that almost killed her, in this case chewing gum. Hers was a more extreme case however and this mostly owed itself to the fact that she was permanently tinted blue. Despite years of extensive and expensive surgeries and treatments she would always be reminded of her previous misdeeds and no matter what she did she found she could never return to her natural colour. Everywhere she went she was teased mercilessly with the taunts peaking around Valentine’s day when she would receive hundreds of cards containing: Roses Are Red, Violet Is Blue. As time continued Violet became more and more reclusive, shying away from society and only leaving the house after dark. In later life she has finally found happiness by being able to share her condition and her story with understanding souls whom she has met over the internet. She even has a date next thursday.


Veruca learned little from her experience in the Wonka factory with the sole exception that she should stay well clear of squirrels. She is also the most bitter of all the children. Over the years she has built up quite a resentment towards Wonka and Wonka Chocolate and to such an extent that her hatred has become something of a joke. Following the incident at the factory Violet’s parents became far more cautious about how they treated her and this only served to fuel her resentment and started leading her to believe that Wonka ruined her life. To date she has written five ‘tell all’ exposees of the nasty things that went on in the Wonka Factory (Without the aid/endorsement of the other children) and has appeared on both Celebrity Big Brother and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. She is seen as something of a Z-List celebrity, often appearing in second rate magazines to promote herself as something more than she is, and is married to a footballer (who plays for Huncoat United, commonly acknowledged as the worst football team in the world). She frequently writes for the Daily Mail.


The thing that separated Mike Teavee from the other children is that he was never upset by his experiences in the Wonka factory and if anything they inspired him. He was particularly impressed by some of the technologies he saw within the factory and after leaving he decided he wanted to create machines just like those and perhaps even better (substitute: safer). He spent the rest of his childhood coming up with little contraptions and devices to make his life easier and every year thereafter he won first prize in his school science fair. He was aided by a keen intellect as well as all the television he had watched earlier in his childhood, which had given him a wealth of second hand ideas that he was able to use to help to formulate his own ideas for inventions. After graduating with a first in technology from MIT he took up a post at the very same factory he had visited as a child, quickly rising to become chief technician and inventor. Working in such close proximity to each other he and Charlie became great friends and still meet regularly, even though both are now retired. Alas, Mike was always so wrapped up in his inventions and his own little world that he never married or had children. Despite this he is happy and content and grateful to the late Mr W. Wonka for giving him his start in life.


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