JPC: The Autobiography

All our lives are made up of stories… Maybe thousands of them. In our time on this planet we go through so much that it’s almost impossible to keep track of it all. By the time we reach our forties we’ve probably already forgotten a large chunk of our lives, particularly our early years. So, to cut this short, before i get old and my mind starts going, I decided that I would start my autobiography… But I had the strange idea to make it somewhat different from the norm… to make it unique.

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Just saw this come up on my Facebook feed and thought I’d share it:

Yes… A man dressed as a clown is roaming the streets of Northampton. From the picture it looks like he has one arm but even with two arms (which the picture on the Metro shows) that’s still one insane and scary news story. Worse still he’s dressed as the clown from IT, which makes him even scarier in my opinion. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a news story as intriguing, mental, insane and at the same time utterly terrifying as this one. Nobody has been hurt (from what I’ve read) and in all liklihood this is probably just some guy having a laugh but I would still recommend if you’re in the Northampton area just to be a little more vigilant than usual over the next few days and keep yourself safe.

Anyway… Just thought I’d share that with you because I found it interesting. And oh yeah… I’ve also found out that Gandalf Porn is a thing but the less said about that the better.

(PS: I’m unveiling the first phase of my Autobiography in a few days so don’t forget to keep them peeled.)


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