The royal baby: George the… sixth????

No doubt wherever you are in the world you can’t have failed to notice that we here in Britain have a new heir to the throne… The latest in a long line that stretches back to King Alfred somewhere in the 800s. And they’ve called him: George Alexander Louis… And fair enough. I wish him all the health and happiness in the world and I hope he’s one of the good ones. But at only a few days old little baby George has already added to the complicated stupidity of our regnal numbering system…

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CF | Coincidence

Being at the bottom of my present work schedule Charlie is getting something of a battering at the moment. Rebels is racing towards publication and the second volume of Dark Legend is turning out to be quite¬† a bit longer than the first (Mind you, those two extra chapters i added aren’t helping much!). So you can very much see how Charlie has ended up on the back burner.¬† Still things are progressing, albeit at a slower rate than I would like. But still… It’s high time I started thinking about how to make this one of the best books ever written…

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Whatever Happened to the Yuppie?

Back in the eighties, if you didn’t know, there was a ‘class’ of people known as ‘Yuppies.’ (Which either stood for ‘Young Urban Professional’ or ‘Young Upwardly Mobile Professional depending on what source you look at.) They were typically characterised as being greedy, power hungry, obsessed with work and money and climbing up the social ladder. Usually they could be found flaunting their cash on designer clothes and expensive restaurants. They strutted around the world treating everyone as though they were dirt and that they had the god given right to everything under the sun. The common consensus is that the yuppie were a bad group of people. They were selfish, they were greedy and they were arrogant. Honesty and fairness were alien concepts to the yuppie. The yuppie was very much a product of the eighties and like most of that decade they are now considered as tasteless. By the early nineties the term had fallen out of favour and Time magazine even announced ‘the death of the yuppie.’ But what really did happen to the yuppie?

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