The Dark Legend Interview

So I sent out a call for any ‘Dark Legend’ themed questions you wanted to ask and this was the response. I’ve done my best to answer as many as possible but if you’ve got any more drop them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them. But there’s no point beating about the bush so for old hands and newcomers alike, here’s the questions that you wanted answered:

What is Dark Legend about?

It’s an urban sci-fi/fantasy thriller about a guy, Will, who sets out to fight an abhorrent mutation which threatens to destroy the world and in the process grabs the attention of the world media and becomes a ‘legend.’ To complicate matters Will finds himself going up against mad man Jonathon Harris as well as contending with his own friends who insist on ‘helping’ him to fight.

What are Graffe?

Graffe are former humans who have been mutated by a gene altering parasite. They are normally feral, vicious and usually have no issues with ripping someone’s throat out.

Where did you get the idea of the graffe from?

Mainly from chavs and the way in which ‘youth culture’ is depicted in the mainstream media as being some frightening, alien menace. It just seemed natural at the time I created them to spoof that depiction of the ‘feral youth’ by creating a similar ‘feral youth’ only for this type to be the result of an infection. Though they’re a bit more animal and much less spoofy these days you can still see their influences cropping up every now and again. There’s one bit where in V1 where there’s a glimpse of a female who dresses and looks like your average Essex chav, for example.

What is Harris doing with the graffe?

Harris genuinely believes that the graffe are the future of humanity and right now he’s trying anything possible to advance their superiority and make them the earth’s dominant species… He’s closer than you think as well…

What is Will? Is he something special?

He’s not an alien if that’s what you’re thinking. He’s human. (96% definitely, as he says himself). He’s been bigged up the media and after years fighting the graffe he’s stronger, fitter and faster than most boys his agem which explains a lot really. As he says himself, he’s nothing special. As to where he really comes from… I don’t think that even he knows that.

What’s going on with Randy? Is he infected?

Yep. He’s infected and that’s not good news.

Will Randy ever get laid?

Volume 2 (Swarm) states that, in the girls toilets of Beiderbecke college, the names of all male students are ranked according to attractiveness and shagability. Randy is the only student to have no points on either list so it doesn’t seem likely. But you never know. There may be someone who takes a shine to him.

Dan’s not quite normal is he? What’s going on there?

Dan’s genetic material didn’t quite repair itself properly when he reverted so he was left with graffe bits which tend to boil to the surface on certain occasions, such as when he gets angry. He’s floating somewhere between human and graffe and his ‘problem’ has a big part to play in the coming volumes.

Why did Eliza drug and then sleep with Will?

Because she wanted his body. She may have disagreed with him about the graffe but she was still enormously attracted to him, so much so that she was prepared to do anything to get her hands on him.

Can Eliza ever be forgiven for what she did?

Some would think not but there is someone who is prepared to forgive her in quite a big way…

What’s going to happen to Dan now that he’s seen Eliza’s wicked ways for himself?

His confidence with women is going to be knocked in a big way and he’s going to need some time to get over it.

Is Greg important? His name keeps cropping up throughout Volume 1 (Spawn) even though he’s dead…

Greg was Joe’s best friend and you don’t exactly forget your best friend. I also don’t want you to forget him because there is another consequence of his death to be revealed in Volume 2 (Swarm.)

Will Alex be returning at any point?


We know that Alex is bisexual but are there any other openly gay characters?

Dast is openly gay and he’ll make his first appearance in Volume 3 (Stop The Cavalry) There is also someone else who is quite seriously in the closet but rest assured they will be coming out before the end.

What happened to Mr. Harper?

Nothing to my knowledge… I don’t honestly have an answer to that question as Mr Harper never features.

What’s going to happen to ‘Tiny’ Tim Harper?

He’s safe for now.

Are any of the characters hiding a major secret?

Yes… More than one character has a big secret.

How Does Wayne fit into all to this?

Wayne was one of the first people to see Will in action and since then he’s been following his every move as well as conducting some research of his own. He’ll be back.

What’s with the plate-glass wall/parallel dimension?

A lot of things… Important things. Something important happens to it in Volume 2 (Swarm) though I will say no more on this.

What significance does the red banded ring hold?

It’s part of a pair, the sister ring to the black banded ring. The ring once belonged to Will’s dead girlfriend and it’s almost priceless. It does have a significance as it holds the key to a rather important event. You’ll see more of it in future volumes.

Can you tell us anything about the plot of Volume 2? (Swarm)

It starts with the fall of Amsterdam and from then on the rest of the world slowly begins to follow suit with little chance of salvation for humanity. It’s all about the approaching apocalypse and how Will tries to desperately come up with a solution before the inevitable happens and then things get out of hand quite quickly.

How different is Volume 2 to Volume 1?

I think there’s less humour for a start. It’s much more adult in its tone as the threat level from Harris and the graffe has escalated. I think in places it’s more twisted and graphic as well. The body count is much higher and there are some really nasty deaths in there. There’s also much more continuity between the different parts than there was in the first volume. It takes place over a much shorter period of time and the immediate consequences of each story are more readily apparent.

What new characters are introduced in the second volume?

There are quite a few as it happens. Firstly there’s Lydia who is probably the most important introduction. She’s first introduced as the girlfriend of another character but when something happens to that character she ends up getting into a rather unhealthy relationship with somebody you already know. Then you have Niamh who, in a word, is annoying. Something radical happens to her. There are also a few other characters to look out for such as Gabrielle, Ichabod, Dr Troughton and someone I can’t tell you about as they got an important mention in Volume 1.

What areas of Worton will we see in Volume 2?

We’ll see a bit more of Beiderbecke, the Plaza and the Old Town and we’ll also see Cornfields and a bit of Crest for the first time as well.

How does Volume 2 lead into Volume 3 +4?

There will be a very serious event at the end of Volume 2 and that will then form the main focus of Volume 3 which in turn will lead to the conclusion of everything in Volume 4. It’s a surprise though so you’ll have to wait.

Do any of the main characters die?

Yes… At least two main characters will die in Volume 2 and there will be more deaths in 3 and 4… Not everybody is going to make it out of this alive.

When last we saw Will he had managed to overcome the death of his ex girlfriend and looked to be starting a proper relationship with Kate… Will that relationship continue into volume 2?

No. But Will did love her and there is a reason they aren’t together anymore. What happened to that relationship is going to be explained in the second volume.

So what about Alison? Has she been forgotten?

No. But Will understands that she’s off with Murdoch and so there’s no point moping about it.

Now that Will is ‘over’ his dead girlfriend how will that affect him?

It means he’s now officially a free agent and because of that he’s going to start abusing his legendary status in a serious way, a way that will concern his friends and perhaps even put the world in jeopardy. It also means that he’s going to be a very bad boy…

What about an actual sex scene? Will we see one of those in a future volume?


Will Cliff Richard be making a comeback?

No but he does get a mention in the second volume.

Are there any celebrity cameos in Volume 2?


Do you know how it all ends?

Yes… I’ve known since I first started how it ends, roughly. Originally it had seven alternative endings but now there is only one… The original endings were only subtly different from each other mind you.  All I will say on the matter is that the ending exists. There’s also a resolution, but that might not be the same as the ending…

Are there any clues to the ending in the preceding volumes?

Not so many ‘clues’ as such… But there are few hints about some big revelations that will come before the end. Considering the actual ending I don’t think I can really hint at it. It’s very much tied together with the story and those revelations I mentioned. They’re so important they have a chapter all to themselves. But once one of those revelations becomes clear you’ll see how everything fits together… Hopefully.

What’s with all the ‘Mars/Martian’ references?

If I told you that I’d have to kill you. The same with ‘450’.

How do you feel about Fan/Slash fiction?

I fear it…

What about Fan Art?

I can’t draw so I encourage it. If you do any drop me a link and I’ll give feedback.

Snog, Marry Avoid… Which characters do you pick?

I suppose it would be all to easy and obvious to avoid Randy so instead I will say avoid Niamh because she’s clingy… Snog Eliza because why not, everybody else has… Marry… Errr… Can I say none of them?

Are there any references to the radio edition in the books?

There’s one hiding somewhere in the first volume (I’ll give you a clue and state that it’s in the third story, somewhere) and there’s also a more obvious one and a very cheeky one in volume 2.

Is the radio edition going to be re-released at some point?

It’s not likely I’m afraid.

Will we be seeing any more of the main characters in your universe once the story concludes?

Perhaps they all die at the end… How do you know? It’s not likely anyway…

How does Dark Legend fit into the rest of your literary universe?

It has huge ramifications as what happens is one of the biggest events. The ending of Rebels sets up for it (sort of) and it has a knock on effect on everything else as well. You will definitely be able to see the connections once I’ve got a few more books under my belt.

When will Volume 2 be released?

Towards October/November at the present rate.

If it were a normal book how long would Volume 1 be?

It’s around 125000 words which equates to somewhere between 350-400 pages.

How long will Volume 2 be?

At the moment it’s 90000 words long (aprx) and I’m just about half way through writing it. It may be at least double that by the time its finished.

What are the chapter titles for Volume 2?

‘Beyond the Sea,’ ‘The Blood Of Princes,’ ‘Whatever Happened to the Heroes,’ ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me’ and ‘Who Wants to Live Forever?’ are the main ones.

Where can I buy a copy of the book?

You’re friendly neighbourhood Amazon Kindle store. Just look for: THE DARK LEGEND DOSSIER. Volume 1 (Spawn) is available worldwide and very affordable.

Well that’s enough questions for now I think but if there is something you desperately want to know drop me a line in the comments and I’ll do my best to come up with an answer.

Bye for now though. JPC.


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