Dr Who | Behind the Silence

With the christmas special of Dr Who now well behind us, still no sign of discovering who or what is behind the silence and still no full explanation as to why the Tardis blew up on a particular day (as well as a whole lot of other questions besides) I think it’s time to look at who could possibly be behind all this…

Over the last fifty years there have been a total of 790 episodes and 230 individual stories which makes for a lot of enemies that could be behind the silence. So i think it needs to whittled down quite a bit.

In order to manipulate the Doctor and blow up the Tardis etc whoever is behind the silence has to either be capable of Time Travel or exist outside of time. This narrows it down. Also, we can eliminate anything such as the Daleks, Cybermen or Sontarans because they appeared to be trying to prevent the Tardis from exploding as part of ‘the alliance’… Besides which I reckon it’s most likely to be an individual and an individual with a grudge against the Doctor at that. We’re looking for someone powerful who maybe has time travel/power over time and is also quite manipulative. Going through the realms of plausibility this is the list that remains:

The Rani

An evil timelady from the 80’s… Yes… Those 80’s. The Doctor’s foiled her three times already which would make for a bit of a grudge but they were three of the biggest stinkers in the history of the programme (One of them includes that dire Eastenders Crossover so make of that what you will…) She’s certainly evil but so far only one of her schemes has been centred around actually ‘destroying’ the Doctor and wiping him out. It just isn’t her style to want to wipe the Doctor from history. She’s more into experiments and mad sciency stuff. Besides which, since they started the new series she’s been rumoured to be everybody from Rose Tyler to Donna Noble to Amy Pond to a Seagull in Cardiff bay. I don’t think it’s likely she’ll ever return… I do remember reading somewhere that the rights to the character aren’t owned by the BBC anyway so that’s another barrier to it being her right there. Even Moffat has said she won’t return.  However… We all know by now that  rather than just keeping stum Moffat outright lies. (And lies a lot) And why would he specifically come out and say she won’t return now when the rumours have been floating around for years? It wouldn’t surprise me if he was lying here… But I still find it highly unlikely that it’s her.

The Master

The last time we saw the Master he’d sent the Time Lords back into the Time War after saving the Doctors life… But again, It’s just not his style to want to actually kill the Doctor. He’s more a universal conquest/ power mad kind of guy if you get my drift. I can’t think of any reason why he would want to actually destroy the Doctor… Unless it was to take his remaining lives but they’ve done that story in Dr Who before and if the Master wanted to take the Doctors live’s he’d be more direct about it. Although I think the Master will come back at some point, i don’t think it’s him. It just doesn’t smell like him if you get my drift.

The Monk

If it were the monk behind the silence I’d be surprised. He hasn’t been seen since the early sixties and even then he only appeared twice. He’s also a Timelord but his agenda is very different from those above. He’s less interested in domination and more interested in tampering with time. Erasing the Doctor would be a good way to do that. As we’ve seen before in the series, The Doctor being gone from time is a recipe for disaster. However, like i said, he’s not been seen for a very long time and he doesn’t seem to really have that much of a vendetta against the Doctor… Although i think he’s a more likely candidate than the two above.

The Trickster

We know from previous encounters that the Trickster wants the Doctor out of the way in order to cause as much chaos as possible, a bit like the monk. And he does have reason to hate the Doctor. He and his associates been foiled by the Doctor and his companions at least five times that we know of… And as he’s an ethereal being that means he’s very tricky to fully defeat. However whilst the Trickster is a common enough threat in the spin off series we’ve only seen his associates once in the main series and never seen the Trickster himself so I find it unlikely that its him… Though I believe there’s a chance seeing as he is a fairly recent introduction to the series rather than some throwback from the sixties or eighties.

The Black Guardian

Now here is someone who almost certainly has it in for the Doctor as well as wanting control over space and time… The whole ‘silence’ thing and the way it’s playing out certainly has a faint whiff of him. Essentially he’s the universal embodiment of evil (as opposed to the White Guardian who is the universal embodiment of good). It’s a very simple premise and he would be much easier to reintroduce into the series than a lot of other older characters. As a guardian he can’t actually do much himself other than manipulate others (which he has tried in the past in an attempt to destroy the Doctor) so mounting great swathes against the Doctor is certainly a likely possibility. Also there’s the matter of Clara/Oswin… Who else but the Black Guardian would split someone across time in such a way?  However, I just don’t think it’s him. He might come back one day but I don’t think this is him…

River Song

That would be too easy, ridiculous and just like Moffat to suddenly declare that River Song is the one behind the silence. It seems like a likely twist somehow, even though i absolutely hate it… It just screams at me that it’s more than likely to be true.

Evil Doctor

By far I think this is the most likely candidate and probably would be the easiest to explain away. We’ve had hints of this happening for a while… The Dream Lord for instance was described as being a personification of the Doctor’s darkside… And as the Doctor said, no one else in the universe could hate him as much as himself… And then we had the Doctor’s fear… which was also never revealed. Could it be that he himself that is his own greatest fear? And in the recent we’ve been seeing a shift in character to a much darker, more evil Doctor… Seems to me like they could be building things up to the reveal of an Evil Doctor…

The Great Intelligence

I find it curious that for some reason we’ve recently been reintroduced to the Great Intelligence (Who only ever appeared in two stories back in the sixties) and yet for some reason the Doctor has forgotten about it. Now the whole business was kind of left hanging at the end of the christmas special… Did we perhaps witness a beginning in order to ease the audience into the idea of the GI being behind the Silence. It’s not an idea I’m particularly enamoured with (Why would the GI want to take out the Doctor for instance?) but it does seem a likely candidate considering it’s recent re-introduction.

In truth however I really have no idea who is behind the silence. It could be anyone and not just the above. Also there’s the question. Why doesn’t whoever is behind the silence want the question answered? That is something i don’t think we can know just at the moment because we simply don’t know what the answer to the question is… And personally I don’t think I want to know the answer. Why take the Who out of Dr Who if you get my drift?


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