CF | The Jewel of The Princess

Right… I’ve spent most of December not working on this so i think it’s time to get back on schedule. There’s a lot to catch up on and it’s high time that the story moved forwards. I’ve spent far too long dwelling on Charlie’s childhood, far longer than i originally intended. As fun as it has been to write, Charlie now has to grow up. But first there’s the small matter of getting to that point and making sure he’s in the right position for the plot to progress…

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North & South

Amongst British social studies there is a phenomenon that is often referred to as ‘The North/South Divide,’ a theoretical boundary that supposedly highlights the extensive cultural, social, economic and political differences between the north and the south. Some people think that this is a recent phenomenon, brought about by the Industrial Revolution (where most of the more industrialised cities were in the north) and that it has been perpetuated by the decline in industry over the last century or so. But that isn’t actually true. Although the Industrial Revolution didn’t help matters, this divide has existed for a very long time.

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