The Hiding of the Brooms

One of my favouritestest countries in the world is perhaps Norway- Nice, snowy, Scandinavian but not as popular as Sweden. Yeah. I likes it. And when I found this Christmas tradition it made me smile…

On Christmas eve the Norwegians believe that spirits and hags and all kinds of evil demonic spirits come out to play. Now these spirits, being spirits, can’t just wander the street and cause mayhem. They need some form of transport. And that’s why every year on Christmas eve Norwegians hide their brooms. Because, to put it simply, brooms are the preferred method of transport for hags, witches and other demon spirits. So, therefore, if those spirits are deprived of their main method transport then they can’t commit any acts of mischief and spoil Christmas. And just to make sure they don’t come anywhere near once the brooms have been hidden all the men go outside and fire shotguns into the air just to make sure the spirits stay away.

There’s not much to it but I thought it would make an interesting (and brief) Christmas post. It’s far too close to the 25th now to be writing long essays anyway.



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