JPC’s Sound of 2012

As the year is almost over its time for my annual run down of my personal ‘sound of 2012.’ In some ways it’s not been as good as 2011 but in others it’s been a lot better. At least I’ve not been locked in my room eating donuts but then again I’ve been more or less stuck in a dead end, one horse town so it’s a little difficult to determine which has been worse. But this is the music that has dogged me for the last twelve months, the music I’ve loved along the way and the music that’s had a significance. Not necessarily my all time favourites but the songs that sum up 2012.

The Proclaimers- 500 miles

There was an unexpected surprise this year. Around May I discovered Mixcloud and, naturally, I signed myself up. Not long after SideTracked resurfaced in a brand new 30-45 minute internet format. Since then Stephen Hawking has become a woman, I’ve been cursed by Angela Lansbury, unleashed a nuclear apocalypse, been on a bus ride around the world and had a visit from Jimmy Cliff. But the song I’ve chosen has a significance as this was what made me realise it was back. When I finished listening through to the end of the first show and this began and I knew Sidetracked was home again.

Jake Bugg- Two Fingers

My discovery of Jake Bugg was nothing short of serendipity. It was just an accident as I was looking for something else on the iTunes store and I just saw an advert for his album. I decided i could do no worse than have a quick listen and I was bowled over. This guy was nothing short of amazing and I couldn’t stop listening. This is by far my favourite though:

David Bowie- Rebel Rebel

This year I’ve been once again immersed in the world of 1977, for the most part trying to get Rebels ready for publication. This time last year it wasn’t even finished and although it’s still a long way off being ready I’m already kind of proud of it and I’ve started thinking of a film version. I want Benedict Cumberbatch in it for a start. This song really fits the book like a glove and it would also be perfect for a film version. The truth is i had never really listened to this one before this year and when I did listen to it I found I couldn’t really stop. It is, quite frankly a cool song. And as a footnote it just so happens to be on the last CD I bought for myself this year (Yeah… Call me an old fart for still buying CD’s but I do.)

Bobby Darrin- Beyond the Sea

I’ve had this stuck in my head ever since I had the idea about Will and Dan in Amsterdam at the end of last year And no matter what I do it won’t leave me alone… So it’s here.

Elton John- The Circle of Life

This was the year that I finally made it through all of British History on Film… Two thousand years of wars, romance, bloodshed and absolute arses. As a conclusion to the project I discovered two new eras (‘The Anglican Era’ which in Britain lasted from c.1536-c.1745 and the ‘Rock Age’ which lasted from c.1945- c.1997) I developed a psychological diagnosis of Queen Victoria whereby she was constantly in search of a Father figure and I also uncovered evidence that Braveheart made it permissible for wide scale inaccuracies in history films. But towards the end I started to see that even though men and women come and go all the time, history just goes on… and on… It never ends, just like the circle of life (despite what the likes of Francis Fukuyama say.) So this is for the completion of the journey through history and all we discovered there.

Muse- The 2nd Law- Unsustainable

Muses recent album has been quite divisive and I can see where people are coming from… It’s very different to anything they’ve done before. But from the moment i first heard this song I was hooked. I think it really is one of the ‘Muse Greats,’ like Knights of Cydonia and Uprising. I really like this one and it’s definitely one of my all time favourites.

BBC National Orchestra of Wales- All the Strange, Strange Creatures.

A while ago I had the idea to write a movie based around Past Force, my first radio show and this year i actually started planning and writing it. However, the point about the Past Force movie is that its a bit of a sly dig at inaccurate history films by being in itself inaccurate but at the same time being about History and what ‘History’ actually is. I have far more sexual encounters in the movie than I actually had, someone ends up paralysed for life (who isn’t), someone who eventually graduated drops out to ‘become a money lender to social minorities’ whilst someone else dies horribly. There are a few fictional characters as well. Not that there aren’t accurate bits… The ‘Past Force theme’ (In actuality part of the Dr Who Soundtrack) is prominent throughout. Hitting right from the opening credits. The movie is not going to surface for a while as progress on it is quite slow but every time I start working on it I can’t help but put this on.

Tina Turner- The Best

I struggled for ages to try and find a decent enough song for the end credits of the Past Force Movie (mentioned above.) I needed something that was self indulgently big headed, summed up the movie, the original ‘Past Force’ and Storm FM… Which was more difficult than it sounds. And then I struck gold with this one. It’s almost as if it was written specifically for the film. It wasn’t of course… But it’s perfect. So I’ll leave you with the final words of the movie (yeah… I know what they are)

‘James… You’re either an idiot… Or a fucking genius!”

Star Trek: TNG Theme

Star Trek was something I was more or less ambivalent about before this year. I’d seen a few episodes of various series but then this year I just somehow actually got into it. It’s not as bad as I originally thought it was. TNG is probably the series I’ve watched the most of though, so that’s why I picked this one. *Not on Spotify Playlist

The Wheels on the Bus

It has to go on here as this is the year I completely ruined everybody’s childhood by crafting an unintentional sexual origin story for this song and now i can’t think about it without ‘The Willy in the Jilly’ coming into my head… So as I ruined the song for everybody it had to go in this years sound selection. *Not On Spotify playlist for obvious reasons

Irene Cara- Fame

I’m in a very different place now than i was a year ago… It may feel at times like I’m going nowhere and nothing has changed but when i look back i can see now that things are actually a lot better. For a start I’ve turned the next corner on the long road to being the best… like no one ever was… My first book was released after a rampant week of serious editing and I’m well on the way to releasing more (You may even get THREE books this year… Maybe…)… And this time last year i would be lucky even if something i wrote got a couple of views. I wasn’t even that popular to tell you the truth… This blog had about five followers and now my follower count actually looks quite good. And that book? I’ve been getting some good feedback. So I’m rising… slowly… rising to be the best… And I can’t help but listen to this on full blast when I think about it.

2013 is now nearly upon us and i suppose that will yield new surprises… Based on this years list i could be listening to almost anything in the next year!


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