The Lair of Jack the Ripper?

It turns out that the actual lair of Jack the Ripper has probably been discovered, And I don’t mean by the sudden revelation of a secret chamber just off the circle line. I mean an actual street where he could have lived. The place is called Flower and Dean Street and it’s been known about for many years. In fact amongst the ripper case files there is evidence linking the place to four of the five victims.

At the time of the murders Elizabeth Stride was living at number 32 and Mary Ann Nichols was at number 56. Catherine Eddowes was also a resident of number 55 for some time and was seen having breakfast there the day before her murder. As for the other two? A witness by the name of George Hutchinson claimed he met Mary Kelly there shortly before seeing her with a man whom she took back to her lodgings at nearby Millers court. George Hutchinson, however, is circumspect owing to the fact that his description was strangely detailed considering the incident took place at 2:00 in the morning. However, if he is the one who murdered Mary Kelly the mere fact that he mentions Flower and Dean is still telling. I think he was either telling a half truth or the truth. But in both cases the connection is there. Mary Kelly also lived just off Flower and Dean at some unknown period.

As for Annie Chapman… Well I couldn’t find anything to connect her to Flower and Dean but if the other four have a connection then it’s more than likely Annie Chapman had one too. Perhaps she knew someone there? In any case, she lived on nearby Dorset Street so it takes no great stretch of the imagination to suggest that she also had some sort of a connection.

I’m not the first person to make this connection. The ‘centre for geospatial intelligence and investigation’ at Texas State University has previously identified Flower and Dean as the likely place where he lived and the FBI pinpointed it as a likely place in 1988. If you want to know more I’d take a look at this article about it. It’s really quite obvious when you look at the facts. Even in 1888 the police were doing door to doors on that street. Really makes you wonder how close they actually were to catching him!


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