December 11: Testing Traditions (part 2)

Well… Last night was interesting. If you read yesterdays post you’ll know that i was sleeping with Ivy under my pillow in order to test an old Welsh winter tradition called ‘Eiddiorwg Dalen.’ The idea behind this is that it supposedly gives the person sleeping on the ivy ‘prophetic dreams.’ So… If I did supposedly have a ‘prophetic’ dream last night then what did it predict?

I’ll start by explaining the dream that resulted as best i can even though i can only remember the basic framework of it…

I started off by being in some sort of town or fort… It had a train station and it was comprised of one big circle and was all a bit wild west. I’m apparently hiding from someone I’ve run away from and who is supposedly nearby. They nearly find me so i try to get to the train station in order to escape… This doesn’t happen as somehow i end up on balcony fighting off an attack by a group of Native Americans who are riding around on horses… I then found myself repairing a broken staircase with weird nail-things and then going down the stairs labyrinthine corridor where i bumped into one of my old lecturers coming the other way. Then i began walking across some large drainage/archaeological works where i tried on something or other (it might have been a helmet… not sure) But then some Japanese school teacher took the helmet away and told me to play with some virtual reality shades… Which displayed a grey dog of some sort and had a little dial on the side to control the VR… And then i find myself in a hilly field type place with trees and at the other end there’s a woman who looks a bit like Princess Diana… Only a bit meaner and ‘not as good’ as i was told by a nearby friend at the time. (What the friend was doing there i have no idea)

If we’re to take this literally then it possibly prophesizes that one day I’ll fight off Native Americans (on horses) in a fort, wearing virtual reality shades and accompanied by a lecturer, A Japanese school teacher and a Princess Diana wanabee… Whilst trying to hide from someone. That is… to put it bluntly… Absurd.

However… the first bit is intriguing. I’ve mentioned before that I’m going to run away from this dump as soon as i can garner an adequate amount of profit from my books… But what I haven’t mentioned is that i almost certainly wont be telling ‘them.’ (You know who I mean… The evil people). I’ll just go and… So maybe this is predicting that I’ll make it out but they’ll come after me? Hmmm… Possible… But not likely. They’ll bitch but that’s about it I think.

As for the rest of the dream… Maybe one day I’ll go to Japan and try out some VR Shades? I’ll get into an argument with some Native Americans? William and Kate’s baby will look like Princess Diana and have a mean streak? (WHY WOULD I DREAM THAT?) Quite frankly this all sounds plausible but still absolutely ludicrous…

But what do the dream people say? The supposed experts… What do they think it means? What is the symbolism?

Well… To dream you are hiding from someone apparently means you’re trying to conceal something… Running away symbolizes that you are trying to escape a situation… This would kind of fit with the idea above about getting away from this dump and never looking back (In effect running away.) If it is truly prophetic maybe it means that I will make it after all…

To dream about Native Americans apparently symbolizes a yearning to break free from a situation and start over… Whilst a fight is exactly that… a fight. A horse meanwhile either means a penis or emotional pain… Put together all this probably suggests that I’m fighting to free myself of emotional pain…  It kind of fits with the above bit in a way I suppose… fighting to break free of this dump and the bad things I’ve been through here…

Now the staircase… A staircase supposedly represents a new path in life… And a broken staircase problems. So repairing a broken staircase means getting back on track and forging a new future? Maybe… But a corridor means transition and as this was a labyrynthine corridor it presumably means the transition will be a bit trickier than I expect it to be…

As for the lecturer and the Japanese School Teacher… Apparently that means I’m seeking guidance/knowledge. (Really?) Maybe it means I’ll need a bit of guidance for the Transition… And the VR Shades? Apparently that means I’m ‘shading myself’ from an illusion or perceived threat that isn’t real…

And finally Princess Di in the field? Well the field full of trees supposedly indicates a fruitful but challenging fertile period ahead… And a princess supposedly indicates an important female figure… Hmmm… Perhaps it means I’ll meet an important female figure in my life who my friends won’t like much??? I think the fact that it just so happened to be Princess Diana was perhaps irrelevant in this case… Maybe the important figure will be called Diana?

But put all this together and what could it mean? Errr…. It could suggest that I’m about to escape from a percieved threat and go through a difficult transition on the other side of which I’ll start a fruitful period of life which for some reason involves a hated but important person called Diana….

Of course, it’s all a bit of rubbish really… Sleeping with Ivy leaves under the pillow can’t really predict the future and those dream fragments mean little more than the fact that I’m possibly clinically insane… They certainly don’t mean I’m going to meet someone called Diana over the next year.

So what of the tradition itself? Well it was certainly amusing and intriguing. I was never going to take the results seriously and it was a harmless bit of fun. To be honest with you last night was just like any other… And my dreams were just as mad as on any other night.  It’s just that i had ivy leaves under the pillow which makes the difference. To be honest i could have put anything under there and claimed it could help me predict the future… I could have put potato peelings or merangue or turkey or the menstrual blood of a virgin collected at the full moon… It doesn’t make a difference. It just so happens that the tradition was Ivy leaves and so that’s what went under the pillow.

This was after all just a bit of fun to see what, if anything, would come out of it. As it turns out i ended up with this… And i want to stress once more that this all means absolutely nothing. It probably all just came from somewhere deep inside my head… However, if it all does come true than i think this definately proves the universe is more screwed up than we realized…

PS: (Last chance today for interview questions… Stick them in the comments and i’ll answer them.)


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