December 9: The Cover

For today’s Advent Calendar post i decided i would give you all a Charlie Fuller related christmas treat. It’s nothing bad… In fact it’s a very good surprise… It’s a potential cover for the book…

Now the thing is that covers have much less relevance in the modern era thanks to E-books and what not. However, it’s still important for marketing purposes and catching people’s attention. In a way the old saying of ‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’ has more or less become obsolete as today that is the thing that is most likely to draw people in. In the end i came up with this:


I wanted something simple but something that also encapsulated the book and it’s themes. What i did in the end was what you see above. The lightning bolt is a direct reference to the british union of facists as the main villains in the book are essentially a very similar group. The BUF had a very similar logo to that… similar but different. I also decided to give it the look of an old 1930’s cartoon intro… Like it was from a promotional film or something. It’s simple but there’s a good, clear symbolism behind it.

One thing you will certainly notice is the fact that there is no author name on the cover. Just the title and the image. It’s not that i forgot it… I didn’t want it on there for a reason. I wanted to the actual title to draw people in, to make them question a few things like ‘Who is Charlie Fuller?’ I felt that by putting my own name on there it would detract from that. It would draw people away from the title which is the really important thing. I really want people to remember this book and by making the title more prominent than the Author. I think it works, especially for what i want it to do… And it’s different to most book covers out there at the moment which is something i like.

And that’s all there is to it really.

(PS: Still looking for interview questions so if you’ve got any drop them in the comments box before wednesday and i’ll do my best to answer as many as possible.)


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