December 7th: Conception

I was really struggling to try and find something Christmassy to encapsulate December 7th. I literally trawled through the internet looking for anything that might be a help… For starters I looked at the worst Christmas gifts but then I realised that there were hundreds of those things on the internet and, after all, a gift is only a good as the receiver wants it to be. I came across one that had a cruise around Greenland… I’d love a cruise around Greenland actually…  There was also a diamond studded thong on the same page and although if you gave me one of those I would strangle you with it I’m sure there are a few people out there who would think it was the best Christmas present ever. So in the end I decided to forget that. I almost did my own worst Christmas presents but as I’ve probably blocked out what most of them were it was a bit pointless.

And that seems to be December 7th in a nutshell. It’s at a point where the initial Christmas excitement has waned and the anticipation has yet to kick in. It is a day of nothing, a dead day. There isn’t even any special feast days or celebrations. Well… There is one, as it happens.

In Columbia they have the Day of the Little Candles. (Dia de las velitas.) It starts at sunset on December 7th and ends at sunrise the following morning as a way of celebrating Mary’s immaculate conception (Which is the 8th) They light candles all over the place and compete to see who can produce the best light show and they have a bit of a party to. There doesn’t appear to much else to it…

Although, if Jesus was supposedly born on the 25th December  and conceived on the 8th that’s a total gestation period of about sixteen days which seems quite miraculous considering. Either that or Jesus was seriously premature… However, at sixteen days you would need a microscope to see him which suggests that Mary’s gestation period wasn’t actually sixteen days. Perhaps the real gifts of the three wise men were Gold, Frankenscence and a Microscope?

In the end though we are left with a few possible options as to what might have really happened….

A) Mary really did go through the entire shabang of pregnancy in 16 days (Miracle!)

B) Jesus was conceived at full term (Again, miracle…)

C) Jesus was only born and not conceived at all (Another miracle)

D) Jesus was actually born on August 31st…

E) The date of conception is just outright wrong

I’ll leave you to make up your mind on that one.


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