Roller Skates

So far on this year’s advent journey we’ve had the meaning of modern Christmas, elves and a dead horse. Things can’t get much madder than that, right? Well you’d be wrong. Especially as today’s Christmas themed post come to you on roller skates. Really… On roller skates! Venezuelan ones actually…

So what have Venezuela and Roller Skates got to do with Christmas I hear you ask? Do the Venezuelan’s celebrate Christmas on Roller skates? Well, you aren’t that far off. They don’t spend the entirety of Christmas on roller skates, that would just be ridiculous. They just attend late night/early morning church services on them for a week. I want to point out that this isn’t the whole of Venezuela though, It’s just the people of Caracas from what I can gather. Between the 16th and the 24th of December the people of Caracas go to special early morning masses called ‘Misa De Aguinaldo.’  They even close the streets off so everyone can go roller skating around in absolute safety, although I bet there are still more than a few grazed knees along the way.

The kids of Caracas even get in on the act by attaching a piece of string to their big toe and then sleeping with the string dangling out of the window. When the roller skaters go by they tug on the strings and wake up the children to tell them that Christmas has arrived.

Mad… But absolutely brilliant! Granted, this isn’t as mad as that dead horse but it’s equally as fun.

Obviously this is a recent tradition as roller Skates were only invented in 1863 and I’m guessing that it didn’t start as a tradition straight away. It does make me wonder when this tradition actually started though.


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