Are Squirrels Capable of Snobbery?

I was writing something the other day that involved a red squirrel, an Eccles cake and a half-transformed mutant, when a thought crossed my obviously disturbed mind. Are Squirrels capable of snobbery?

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CF | The Art of Charlie (And others)

So far I’ve talked a lot about the writing and the plot and how this book is developing. But let’s leave all that behind, for today, and concentrate on characters… Or, to be more specific, how bad I am at drawing them.

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The Lost Music

There is a question that get’s banded around a lot: ‘What’s the best song of all time?’ Now that is an impossible question to answer for a number of reasons. Firstly, chief amongst these reasons is that nobody can ever listen to every song ever written, no matter how hard they tried, because it would take longer than most of the population of the planet have left to live. Secondly, you can’t do it anyway and there’s a good reason for this. In statistical terms we only have access to a small percentage of those songs.

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