Trolling the Legend…

I made a decision… A decision that affects all of you readers in a round about way as it will hopefully lead to a better life for me and therefore better things for you to read about… I know I say this a lot and you’re probably sick of it but this time I’ve got a mega plan and the means to do it… I’m gonna get myself out of here by the time I’m 23….

That gives me around about five and a half months. (or to be precise 163 days) And the means to do it is through book sales. I’ve worked out that between now and March i need to sell around about 10,000 books… which isn’t a high number all things considered, but it’s far more than I’m currently selling.

So the game is now afoot to try to reach the magic 10,000 figure and I’m starting as any good marketeer does by trolling. That’s right… Trolling. Or more specifically saying ‘hey look at this… (Or if you want the US version it’s here: )

That is, as you’ve probably guessed the same thing as the massive advertisement at the top of the page… Dark Legend. To those of you who are new here (or those who don’t have a single clue as to what I’m talking about) Dark Legend is a sci-fi epic set in the early 21st century. A deadly parasite has infected half the world’s population and the other half are running scared. The only person fighting back is Will who suddenly finds himself rocketed to the attention of the world’s press as a result. It’s all about how Will and his friends deal with the parasite, their battles against them and their ruthless ‘leader’ Jonathon Harris and how they deal with everyday life and each other whilst civilization falls down around their ears.

That’s the gist of it anyway. There’s more on the Amazon pages. Regular readers of this site will already know about Dark Legend and the problems I’ve had getting it even this far (It was a rejected TV Series, a hit one-off radio drama and was previously serialized right here untill it hit the ‘shelves.’). But now, in order to reach the magic 10,000 it’s time to spread the word across the globe… set the internet on fire and blast out of here and never come back… and build up a bit of a fan base at the same time.

And the internet is a godsend. I’ve already had mild marketing strategies in place (massive advert at the top of the page, failure of a facebook page: but now it’s time to up the game and go full throttle. I’ve already been in touch with a few review sites (and 1 very positive reply so far šŸ™‚ ) and been plugging myself on author forums and I’ve got more plans besides. I’m gonna utilize the social networks further… through Twitter and finding places on Facebook where I can shout ‘look at me.’ In theory at least by doing this i’ll get some attention.

But not everybody goes in for that stuff. Sure… I’ll get some attention that way and maybe through word of mouth as well, but I’ve got to get out there beyond the internet and troll places like newspapers, magazines and maybe even radio (ok… maybe not radio… I’ve trolled them before!). One place I’m definitely gonna try is the local Lancashire papers. After all, the book is set in Lancashire and it might be of interest to them considering it’s kind of local. I’d like to do a tour as well but that’s not really feasible atm (Or maybe i could appear at a school somewhere in Lancashire? Or maybe the WI… in fact with Dark Legend the WI is not a good idea.)

And then there’s this article (if you haven’t realized by now that you’ve been trolled then shame on you). But either way i’ve got 163 days and a lot of work to do… Wish me luck.


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