Concerning James

I once went into a bar and asked for a Vodka Martini. All I got was a blank look.  I’ve never bothered to try and buy another one, even though the situation I found myself in was most probably a rare one. Almost everybody has heard of James Bond (Notable exception: that barmaid) and almost everyone has an opinion, even if that opinion is downright hatred.  I wouldn’t call myself a fan as such… But Bond does seem to flit in and out of my life every few years or so, usually whenever I feel a hankering for some good old fashioned escapism. I’ve read all of the books but up until recently I’d only seen a small selection of the films.

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CF | Boys and Girls

In my last post on this I talked about the actual plot of the book, things that haven’t been written yet and the change of name, now it’s time to get back to the here and now and return to seven year old Charlie and his experiences and how the actual book is developing. When last we left the action young Charlie had just had his first lesson in sex education…

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