Rigging the Game

Back when I was a kid there was this game, or a series of games… You may have heard of it. It was called Crash Bandicoot. And I always had a bit of a problem with it. I’d hit the spin button and then he’d do nothing. Or I’d try to jump and the little s**t would run into a bottomless pit. Now fair’s fair here, I may not have been pressing the button fast enough. But recently I played a newer version of the same game and the same problem occurred. Hit the spin button = nothing and die! And after a while I began to be a bit more careful with the buttons, making sure it was pressed. And I was hitting it fast enough…

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Farewell EMI

Once upon a time there were many, many Record Labels, Decca, A & M, Polydor, Ploygram, Island… There was certainly a wide variety. But over the years, due to mergers and takeovers etc, they all dwindled until finally there were but four: EMI, Universal, Sony and Warner. And yesterday (21st September) it was announced that there will soon be three…

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The Star Trek Flaw

I don’t want to completely rip on Star Trek here. I like Star Trek. It’s a good series. (Except Enterprise…) But there is a fundamental flaw within Star Trek that been bugging me. It’s a flaw that appears in every episode of both the original series AND Next Generation… And its a flaw that once you see it you’ll never unsee it..

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UTFC | Chocolate Apples and Brumblekites

I’ve taken a few weeks off on this. For good reason… I was busy sorting out a certain other book. But not to worry. Back to the daily grind now. The good news is that I’ve been able to jiggle my writing schedule a bit more so I now get two days a week on this instead of one. I’m also trying to learn the piano but that’s another story entirely… Back on the real workload, the 1920’s are starting to bite.

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The Osborne Issue

I don’t particularly like writing about current events or stuff in the news unless it pees me off or I think it’s interesting and needs sharing. Stuff like that tends to get really old and out of date very quickly and a few weeks down the line it makes no sense. Added to that peop,le outside Britain don’t really give a stuff.  This however, is one of those cases where I find it very interesting… I’m talking about the very reason George Osborne is STILL Chancellor of the Exchequer.

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