Dr Who: Attack of the Silence

Now… a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away i rewatched Series 5 of Dr Who and noticed a few things (which you can find…. ???… errr…. HERE!). That series left a lot of unanswered questions… Who blew the Tardis up? Who was that voice? What was the meaning behind ‘Silence Will fall?’ In the end though that article was all about pointing to the fact that there was a hell of a lot to do with memory and i spuriously claimed Series 6 contained very little of this… how wrong i was… (and once more my friends… SPOILERS…!)

Right… To point out here the first time i watched series 6 i wasn’t watching for the memory thing… why would i? It’s not something noticeable the first time around… but when i rewatched it after noticing things in series 5…  well it was there… it was there in force… and wearing a fez this time!

Essentially, the obvious place to begin is with the Silents… leaders of the religious order known as the Silence who believe that ‘Silence will fall when the Question is asked… One question from Series 5 answered. They make people forget and plant things inside people’s minds. The whole idea of the first two episodes is that these creatures have been controlling humanity using ‘suggestion’ and planting things in everybodys head… Even the solution involved planting things in people’s minds…


Anybody notice anything weird in that? Nope… just looks like the moonlanding to me… But anyway, the whole plot revolves around memory and subliminal messaging. Curious? Well it is an episode based around the Silents… And they are creatures that inhabit the memory. But there’s not just that though… There’s a conversation the Doctor has with Rory towards the end of the second episode involving his time as Roman Centurion and if he ever remembers any of it. I’m sure that’ nothing but a throwaway but you never know… it could just be a subtle writery type clue going on. It happens…


During the course of Series 6 i began to notice more and more of these things… but this time i wasn’t just memory like in the previous one… This was to do with messing with the mind… a lot of the plots involved something to do with memory or implanting some idea in the brain or changing people’s perceptions of something. Take for instance the episodes with the flesh clones… which has to be two of the worst episodes in the history of Dr Who EVER (God… don’t get me started…. And it came from the same guy who wrote the olympic scribble monster episode… WHY DID THEY LET HIM TRY AGAIN?) There was a lot in this episode about the clones having the same minds as each other and sharing the same memories…

And what about the best episode of the series? The Doctor’s Wife… Again, the plot involves memory. The Tardis matrix is planted inside a human mind along with all it’s ‘memory,’ … Clutching at straws a bit but what about the other bad episode this series? The one with the dolls… Night Terrors… Ok, it was a bit rubbish and nowhere near as bad as The Flesh episode but it was still bad… and central to the entire plot was the idea that whatever the kid was had somehow used a perception filter to alter the minds of its parents so they think it’s theirs… like a mind cuckoo!


And then you have another favourite of mine… The God Complex all about playing with people’s fears and draining it from their minds. In this one it was subtle but it was there. And to point out… we never saw what was in the Doctors room… and why didn’t Rory have a room? Is it perhaps because Rory has now died so many times that he knows there is nothing to fear? Perhaps his fear was death and he overcame it. It’s interesting and i definitely think there is more to Rory’s death than meets the eye.

||||  ||||

Reaching the last episode i find there’s once again an awful lot to do with memory… And not just the Silence. For a start you have the whole re-writing of time and the problems this causes to most people as they can’t remember the other reality. For instance you have Amy talking about how she remembers killing Kovarian… And then you have River not remembering that she killed the Doctor (although apparently in the end she does remember…). But one thing strikes me as a curious addition to this episode that made very little sense… The distress beacon on top of the pyramid calling for help.  Apparently all those different aliens/species answered the call… So what happened? Did they just get disappointed? Or will this be utilized further? Will those aliens perhaps provide an army against the Silence on the fields of Trenzalore? It’s an intriguing point… What really did happen to them? And was this distress call perhaps an exploding Tardis? That question never did get fully answered from last year…

And that leaves me with a puzzle. What’s going on? All the mind stuff… remembering and forgetting, changing memory (I forgot to mention the Christmas Special between 5 and 6… That was ALL about memory and changing it…) And the stuff affecting people’s minds… like the kid and the fear minotaur…. Or maybe i’m reading too much into it and it’s just there… What if its not supposed to be anything at all and i’m missing the point… But then again…

Darting back to series 5 i did find one occurence of the mind thing and it got me thinking and set me on a new track… away from the whole mind thing… Remember that episode with ‘The Dream Lord,’ again that was all about the mind… but more specifically… the dark side of THE DOCTORS mind. Now here’s the theory it led me to. We never saw what was in the Doctors room so what if the Doctors greatest fear was himself? More specifically… his EVIL self. And don’t forget we’ve had two Doctors in The Flesh episodes… what if that was to contrast with the good and the evil? And what if the answer to all the unanswered questions… Like who’s running the Silence, who was the evil voice, who blew up the Tardis and why… What if the answer is THE EVIL DOCTOR. What if he has something to do with all the mind-meldy stuff that’s going on… What if it’s all a very clever and subtle clue as to who’s behind it all… And as for the question that will be asked at the fall of the 11th on the fields of trenzalore? What if it’s the good doctor asking the evil one… eg: I AM THE DOCTOR…

Doctor Who…

Doctor Who….


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